Disney is Leaving Netflix– Say Bye to These Titles

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Everyone, including the twenty somethings and parents were thrilled back in 2015 when the contract with Disney was announced with Netflix. The contract allowed for certain Disney titles like Moana and Finding Dory to be on Netflix. For some, the Disney contract was a way for us Disney lovers to get our fill of Disney movies while for others, it was a break from the mediocre kid cartoons that air on television.

Netflix Update is sad to come to you with the news of the dissolution of the contract with Netflix. While many may have heard this news, it’s kind of hard to process. The dissolution will take place at the beginning of the calendar year of 2019.

What does that mean for the titles already on Netflix? More than likely, the titles that are on Netflix will be taken off due to the sheer fact that Netflix won’t have the rights to them any more. The other thing to consider? Lucasfilm and Marvel titles.

For now, let’s stick with the Disney topic. What will happen to Disney? It’s not like they’re hurting at all. They’ve got titles coming out constantly and this is their game. You can say that Disney got a little too big for their britches… Their britches being Netflix.

They’ve got a mind of their own and they need a new vehicle. Netflix just isn’t the vehicle for that journey. Their new vehicle of choice? ESPN… That’s right. You heard us correctly. E-S-P-N. The sports channel is picking up Disney? More like the Disney is picking up the sports network.

BAMTech, LLC is what channels ESPN and that is what Disney is acquiring. Disney is paying $1.58 million dollars for 42% of the company which will allow them create their own streaming source for their content. The content will include new Disney titles such as Disney Originals and new titles like Toy Story 4 and Frozen 2.

It has been said that more than likely Lucasfilm and Marvel’s titles will be in question too, but for now there is nothing set in stone for those titles. More than likely, as time goes on, those market-houses will pull Lucasfilm and Marvel from Netflix as well.

While Disney is a big name for Netflix, so is Lucasfilm and Marvel. Many complain about the original content coming from Netflix, but that’s what the future of Netflix looks like. Netflix will surely be at a loss when it comes to the loss of Disney, but so will a lot of fans and subscribers.

What do you think about the news that Disney has bestowed upon us? You’re probably sad, just like I was when I heard the news. My biggest question… What will happen to Netflix when this all goes down in 2019? I’m sure that Netflix has a plan. Every company has a marketing strategy and I am sure Netflix has a good one with all of their success that they’ve got thus far.

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