Kathy Bates is Coming to Netflix and She is Playing a Role That You Would Never Expect

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We are all familiar with Kathy Bates. She played the part in American Horror Story where she was the bearded lady, the Madame, the inn keeper, and many other characters in AHS. She was known as the Unsinkable Molly Brown in Titanic, and many other diverse characters in big name titles. Her characters are always complex and she always enamors her audience.

She is an amazing actress that captures our hearts, makes us hate her, and captivates us with her sheer ability to transform into character. But now she has a new gig; One that is quite different from the drama and the horror. This role is one that we wouldn’t expect to see her in, but she slides right in, and she is magical.

The Walmart of cannabis is what their shop was self-labeled as, so you can imagine the hilarity that will ensue with this show. Kathy Bates is the star in this comedy, but she isn’t alone when it comes to this silly show. Her new show? Disjointed.

She is accompanied by Aaron Moton and Tone Bell playing her son, Travis (Aaron Moton) and her security guard, Carter (Tone Bell) that has a troubled past, and three bartenders… er, “bud-tenders” played by Dougie Baldwin, Elizabeth Ho and Elizabeth Alderfer.

There are other names in the show, but these three are the main leaders of the pack for Disjointed. The show follows Ruth as she fulfills her life-long dream of legalizing marijuana. So what does Ruth do? She moves her life to Los Angeles to open a dispensary of her own. She has the help of many and give everyone tons of laughs.

David Javerbaum and Chuck Lorre, the creator of Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory, have come up with this masterpiece. If you were a fan of those shows, you will surely love this one too. While this is a comedy, this also seems to have it’s fair share of drama as well. There will be little moments of seriousness throughout the show, but there will be abundance of laughter.

Disjointed will appear on Netflix on August 25 with a whopping 22 episodes and it is unknown if there will be a second season as of yet. The episodes will include a laugh track that keeps us rolling throughout the whole show, so be prepared to laugh lots!

What do you think about the new show coming to Netflix? What is your opinion on the weed front? Do you think the show will bust or do you think it will be a raging success? Let us know what you think about the topic and the show overall! Do you think this is just another show that Netflix is reaching for content on?  We would love to hear from you!


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