Dexter, Why This Show Is The Best On Netflix!

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Blood splatters and bodies make up the perfect recipe for Dexter. Good neighbor, father, husband, and oh yes, killer of killers. Add on dashing good looks and a charming sense of humor, what is there not to love?  Netflix has all 8 seasons available for streaming right now!  Find out why so many people are saying this is one of The Best Shows on Netflix!

The Plot

Dexter lives in Miami with his family and spends his days working as a forensic specialist for the Miami Metro Police Department. Exhibiting his talent in analyzing blood splatters, he catches criminals by day and becomes one at night.   Fueled by the desire to be a good man, Dexter fights every day to do his best, take care of his family, work hard, and put on a good face for those around him, but his past haunts him and pulls him in every night.

Exposed to grotesque crimes from a young age, a strong urge plagues Dexter to kill. His adopted father uses him to his own advantage and it shapes Dexter’s future in a way that will forever torment him.  Hidden beneath shadows of darkness, Dexter releases his demons and finds the serial killers that have slipped through the cracks. The ones that otherwise have gotten away with their dirty deeds. He makes sure they will never hurt anyone else ever again.

The Cast of Dexter


Micheal C. Hall as Dexter Morgan

Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan

David Zayas as Sgt. Angel Batista

James Remar as Harry Morgan


It’s hard to accomplish getting someone to actually love a serial killer. But this is one of those few attempts that works.

You will enjoy this series from the opening scene of Season 1 to the last bloody scene in Season 8.  Other shows that you might enjoy : NCIS, Criminal Minds, and CSI.

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