‘Devilman Crybaby’: This Insane New Anime’s Definitely Not for Kids

The plot's basically boy-meets-demon, but be warned, 'DEVILMAN Crybaby' is not for kids. Loaded with blood, gore, and sex, the trailer speaks for itself.

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The plot’s basically boy-meets-demon, but be warned, ‘DEVILMAN Crybaby’ is not for kids. Loaded with blood, gore, and sex, the trailer speaks for itself.

Fans of the horror and violence genre of anime rejoice! Netflix has taken on an adaptation of the 1970 manga DEVILMAN crybaby. Based on superheroes, the supernatural and with religious undertones, Devilman crybaby is not an anime for kids.

If you shy away from horror and graphic violence, this anime won’t be your cup of tea. The original manga went through several versions of itself by creator Go Nagai in the past. The 1972 manga was supposed to promote another anime titled Demon Lord Danteby Toei Animation, but it soon revealed its own darker, edgier direction.Over the last 50 years, there were several spin-offs. And on January 5, 2018, Netflix released DEVILMAN crybaby, directed by Masaaki Yuasa.

Devilman – Befriending a Demon

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The main characters of this Netflix show are Ryo Asuka and Akira Fudo. In the first episode, we find out that the world is under attack from demons, Ryo Asuka wants to expose them because, in his mind, that is the only way to defeat them. After a night at a club goes terribly wrong, Akira Fudo bonds with a demon, becoming a weapon in the war against the demons. Hence the name, DEVILMAN. He becomes a superpowerful, batlike demon, yet keeps all the good qualities of humanity. In a world where kindness is a sign of weakness, Akira’s empathy and kindness for others is his strength. Not only does he get to keep those abilities, he becomes less clumsy, popular and the star of his high school track and field team. Almost makes befriending a demon worthwhile, right?

Netflix Adaptation of DEVILMAN Crybaby

When Netflix did an anime called Neo Yokio, that was just a dip in the shallow end of what would have been a great anime. It sort of missed the mark of what could have been an awesome anime. DEVILMAN crybaby takes a dive off the deep end and goes all out with apocalyptic intentions. The trailer for this new anime is sure to entice anyone who doesn’t shy away from violence and the supernatural. Be warned, this is not for kids. Bloods, guts, loads of violence and sex…Iet’s let the trailer speak for itself.


DEVILMAN crybaby is NOT for Kids

As you can see from the trailer, this is not your sparkly, run of the mill children’s anime. No, DEVILMAN crybaby will make you cringe, and possibly think “what did I just watch?” The plot basically reads as boy-meets-demon, then boy gets possessed by demon, global panic ensues, and this is over the ten 30-ish minute episodes. It has an easy way of going all out with gore and violence. Yet underneath all of the allegory, there is a romance story between Akira and Ryo. They crave each other’s love and friendship in the dark times their world is going through, yet…

Devilman crybaby’s Plot Can Turn on a Dime

This anime shifts from your typical horror-supernatural genre into a darker exploration of religion and humanity. People within the show begin to turn on those they think to be devils or devilmen, basically attacking anyone who seems different. This is where it mimics the anime Death Note. It’s amazing how similar these two animes are. DEVILMAN crybaby borrows some of Death Note’s tropes, but seems to hold a higher body count. The only difference may be that DEVILMAN crybaby upped the ante with more graphic scenes as well as explicit sex and gore. You’re going to want to fast reading skills for the raps. Why? They’re in Japanese with English subs. These lyrics are important for the episodes because it gives more insight into what is happening.

This Show Will Put Off Even the Toughest of Anime Watchers

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It is true, that this show is not for children. Those who are avid watchers of Bojack Horseman should beware. If your palate is not well rounded this might not be the anime for you. But if you think that you can rough the deep end of the pool, be ready to have your mind blown as DEVILMAN crybaby takes you on a psychedelic, explodes-your-brain ride with the first episode. You have been warned.  

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