Daybreak Review: A New Take on the End of the World

Daybreak screenshot of a church, dusty ground, bare trees, blue sky, and the words Glendale, CA The Apocalypse written over the image

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Just when you think you’ve been apocalypsed to death, out comes a series with a new take. Daybreak takes an old and tired idea and gives it a fresh spin. Not only that, they bring humor into the mix.

What — think it’s not possible? Well, think again.

Daybreak is a brand new Netflix series, which takes place in today’s world. A bomb has wiped the planet and set the end of the world as we know it into action. Those who didn’t die immediately were divided into two groups: The kids were unaffected, while the adults became something else altogether.

The kids call these new creatures ghoulies, and their main purpose in life is to eat the children. You see, they crave human blood, and since the only humans left are children — they’re lunch.

And much like The Walking Dead has its groups: The Whisperers, Rick’s Group, The Governer’s Group, Negan, and the like, the same goes here. Except the thing that separates the kids are the same things that separated them in school. You’ve got the jocks, the nerds, the outcasts, the elites, the exchange students, and so on. Each group has its own way of surviving in this new-fangled world, and conflict is everywhere.

It’s school politics on a massive scale.

I hear what you’re thinking — this is just The Walking Dead and Lord of the Flies all smooshed together into one big already told story. Well, add in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and now you’re closer to the truth. The whole series has a Ferris vibe where you, the observer, are brought into the story. They break the 4th wall and speak directly to you, which adds an element that brings light to the story. It also pulls you into this apocalyptic world.

Who Do We Meet in Daybreak?

Josh is our Ferris Bueller in this scenario, and Ferris Bueller himself (Matthew Broderick) plays the principal of the school pre-apocalypse.

Before the bomb dropped, Josh was an outcast at school in the town of Glendale, CA. The only one who gave him the time of day was his girlfriend, Sam. He was about to meet up with her when the end of the world happened. So, as you can imagine, his goal is to find Sam. But no one can survive this world alone.

Even a guy on top of the world, dodging bad guys and riding his skateboard so well, he would be the envy of Marty McFly. And along the way to search for Sam, he organically begins to form his own tribe.

There’s Angelica, the foul-mouthed, psychotic, and brilliant 12-year-old who joins her reluctant ex-babysitter. We also have Wesley, jock-defector, and previous non-friend of Josh’s turned Samarai.

But to find Sam, they have to dodge all of the newly formed groups who want to kill them, ghoulies who want to gobble them up, and a big bad guy on a motorcycle who everyone fears.

And nobody even knows who that is — yet.

Check out the trailer:

Will Josh ever find Sam? How will they all survive this new treacherous world?

Find out by watching Daybreak! Who’s tribe would you be in at the end of the world? Tell us what you think of Daybreak in the comments. But, please, no spoilers!

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