Starting This Fall, Filming for The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

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As you may have heard, there is a rumor going around that The Dark Crystal is getting a prequel… The hit from the 80’s is going to be remade into a ten episode series by Netflix. Originally released on December 17, 1982, The Dark Crystal followed a loyal Gelfing to find the missing shard of the magic crystal to save his world.

The Prequel

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We know that The Dark Crystal follows one brave Gelfing on the journey of discovering the missing shard of the magic crystal but how does this brave Gelfing get there? Netflix has already ordered ten episodes to explain just that. Set ten years prior to the original, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance will explain how this Gelfing gets to the point of rescuing his world, the World of Thra.

What’s it About?

In the Age of Resistance, we will follow three Gelfing as they discover the power behind the Skeksis’ power– Hint, it’s not a good secret either, but what could this secret possibly be? These three Gelfing are warriors of sorts, fighting for what they want, they set fires of rebellion to save their world. They take matters into their own hands to fight for what they believe.

Jim Henson

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Jim Henson won’t be directing, but Louis Leterrier (The director of Now You See Me) will be. Many have asked– Will Jim Henson be involved in this masterpiece? The answer? Yes, he will. Jim Henson Creature Shop made the original puppets and it is confirmed that the puppets for Age of Resistance will be made there as well. The conceptual designer, Brian Froud will also be involved, as he was the original. Fun fact, Lisa Henson (The CEO of The Jim Henson Company and daughter of Jim Henson) will be the executive producer. Like father, like daughter!

When Can We Expect This Hit on Netflix?

Although there is no release date set for the series quite yet, we will keep you updated with all information that we get. The filming for the prequel is set to start in the Fall of 2017. There may not be a set date as of this moment, but this teaser should hold you over until then!

Did you watch The Dark Crystal back in the day? Are you über excited for the prequel to come out? Let us know what you think! Keep checking back for updates for when the release date will be announced! Happy Netflixing!


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