Creepy and True, Alias Grace Will Suck You In– Don’t Miss Out

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While browsing through Netflix, I came across a title that seemed strange, odd. I had not heard of it and had not expected it to be so dark. When I searched the web about the show that peaked my interest, I learned that they show was based on a true story.

Based on two factual murders that happened in Canada in 1843. Alias Grace is based off of the novel by Margaret Atwood. The mini-series may have just premiered on Netflix, but there is a lot to be said about the series.

The first episode starts out with Grace, explaining her situation, how she got to her current moment of life. She knows that she is an anomaly when it comes to the standard way of life.

She is, after all, a murderess. For the time, murder was an automatic offense when it came to crimes back in those days. For dodging a hanging, she is pretty lucky, a celebrity even, when it comes to her status.

Grace eats it up. Being the anomaly that she is, she is wild, crazy. Man-handled when it comes to her way of life. She goes from mental institutions to prison– Being locked away, studied, and manhandled has led Grace to be a bit touchy when it comes to human contact in any way shape or form.

When she meets Dr. Simon Jordan, a psychologist, she is apprehensive to chat with him as the last doctor that was left alone with her, measuring her head with a strange apparatus, she spotted knives in his medical bag, causing a massive fit to be had.

The series follows Grace as she admits, deceives, and relives the horror that has become her young life.

Rotten Tomatoes has given the Netflix Original series a 98% and fans have rated it a 93%. That makes the series pretty high up there on the must watch list when it comes to Netflix Originals.

Just to warn you, the series is dark and mysterious. The flashes come and go with Grace’s memories as she speaks with Dr. Jordan, are meant to give you a bit of a jolt. They keep you on your toes, they make you want more from every episode.

By the time one episode is done, you are clicking next episode to get more. Right now, there are only six episodes on Netflix and the series is labeled a mini series, so there is no promise on a second season as of this moment.

If you have hopes that there will be a second part to the mini series, you’re not alone. What did you think of the series? Would you recommend it? Check it out on Netflix here if you haven’t seen it.

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