Coco Coming to Netflix?

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We all know about the dissolution between Netflix and Disney that will be happening in 2019– But that does not mean that there can’t be new titles placed on Netflix from Pixar or Disney, right?

Right! Reap the benefits until there are no benefit to reap when it comes to enjoying titles from providers that we love. The news that Disney was not going to stay affiliated with Netflix came as a shock to fans when they found out that they would not be able to view Disney titles.

Instead of banning titles, Netflix is welcoming Disney and Disney related titles to their streaming service until they are no longer able to. Smart on their part if you think about it. Their viewers want to see the titles and will be sad when they go.

To the fans, soak it up while you can! In the meantime, we can enjoy all of the titles currently on Netflix. The great thing about new titles coming to Netflix currently, is that the new titles coming out in the recent months are more than likely going to make an appearance on Netflix before the dissolution in 2019.

The newest title to come out that will more than likely make an appearance on Netflix in 2018 will be Coco. Coco made an appearance in theaters on November 22 and grossed 89.6 million.

In the land where music is frowned upon, Miguel, a lover of music, does not have the support of his family. His family wants him to join the family business making shoes and leave the music behind.

Miguel decides to take matters into his own hands– He steals a guitar that belonged to a person that has since passed on. Ironically on the day that Miguel steals the guitar, it is El Dia de Los Muertos. The guitar transports him to the land of the dead.

Miguel has until dawn to get the approval and blessing of a family member for him to return home. Along the way, Miguel not only learns a lot about himself, but he also learns about his family. The journey that Miguel makes gives a whole new meaning to family.

IMDB gave this title a 9 out of 10 and it got a 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. That is a pretty high rating for a Disney cartoon movie.

If Coco follows Moana’s footsteps, which came out around the same time the year before and hit Netflix in June 2017, more than likely Coco will premier on Netflix June 2018 if it follows Moana’s footsteps.

While this isn’t a set in stone date, fans are hopeful to see the fun, colorful, and meaningful movie on Netflix. What do think? Did you see the movie in theaters or will you wait to watch the movie until it comes to Netflix?


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