Why Are Netflixers So Obsessed with This Holiday Movie?

Netflix has a tough crowd to please. Yet they've scored an unlikely holiday hit with its unlikely feel-good love story, A Christmas Prince. - Promotional photo via Netflix.

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Every movie producer wants to hit that Christmas movie formula perfectly. The one that makes their new movie the hit of the season, and then brings people back year after year. Netflix seems to have done exactly that with its unlikely feel-good love story, A Christmas Prince.

Now I won’t insult your intelligence, this isn’t a “New” storyline – more on the “tried and true” side of things. Every child at some point wonders what it would be like to find a love match with royalty. And, we know it isn’t impossible, *ahem,* Meghan Markle. However, this story mixes this classic Prince and the Pauper storyline with an even more ripped-from-the-headlines relationship: that of the media and government officials. And, they managed it whimsically, creating a genuinely endearing story. This one deserves a spot on the “Holiday Favorites” shelf. It seems Netflixers are obsessing, and here’s why.

A Christmas Prince: A Classic Storyline Made New

The clumsy, yet earnest, the heroine is — you guessed it — a reporter named Amber (Rose McIver, iZombie). Well, she wants to be one, and she’s a dedicated and hardworking editor embarking on her first “real” assignment. The assignment? To cover that infamous playboy royal, Prince Richard (Ben Lamb, Divergent). Averse to taking the throne and rumored to want to abdicate the responsibility after his father’s recent death, Richard promises scintillating royal drama.

The gossip magazine where Amber (McIver) works sends her to the fictional Aldovia, where she “goes undercover” as a tutor to the youngest Member of the royal family. “Goes undercover” meaning sneaking into the castle and getting mistaken for the new American tutor. Her Royal Highness, Princess Emily, is a major player in the storyline. Unabashed and intelligent, she is less royal pain and more bravery in adversity. Emily’s story includes overcoming disability (Spina Bifida) and accepting that normal is different for everyone.

The simple storyline delves into some deep themes, for such a light and fun story. Without ever being pretentious, Netflix’s A Christmas Prince manages to weave newness to old themes. It is an interesting and complex tale, enriching the almost fairytale packaging. It could have followed all the old lines, but didn’t. The twists in the storyline make it satisfyingly different.

Curl Up with this Well-Acted Romance

What really holds this story together is good, solid acting. Rose McIver delivers a great performance, she shows a depth and compassion that makes you truly like Amber. Ben Lamb’s Prince Richard a multi-dimensional, emotionally available hero. So, as a result, this movie is somewhat of a “formula romance,” but good acting and a clever plot bring it home.

Deep down, it is probably exactly what we wanted. That is, a great story with a reliably happy ending that doesn’t try to be something it isn’t. The film also stars: Tom Knight, Sarah Douglas, Daniel Fathers, Alice Krige, and Tahirah Sharif. With a running time of 92 minutes, it also fits in that not-too-long, not-too-short category.

“A Christmas Prince” is a genuinely wonderful pairing with a Holiday Sangria, especially while cuddling in yoga pants; or a popcorn and leftovers Christmas Day movie binge with the whole family. If you are looking for a new tradition, look no further. You need to check out what just may be the best new Christmas movie on Netflix for 2017.

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Featured image: Netflix promotional image for “A Christmas Prince” via IMDB

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