Is Netflix Picking Up Charmed for a Revival?

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We all remember the show, Charmed, that made it’s debut in October of 1998. Perfect timing, if I may add, as the show was a cult classic. Why not premier it around Halloween? The show followed three witches that had no idea what they were getting themselves into. Shorty after they discovered what they were, the learned how to live their lives. The show ended after 8 long years of triumph, hardships, and laughs. So could there be a reboot?

The Final Season

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The final season, season 8, finished in May of 2006. The finale ended, somewhat how it started, with Piper, on her own. Page and Phoebe were killed in the Ultimate Battle and it was up to Piper to make it right, to make everything better. She must figure out how to fight her way through time with Coop’s ring (the time traveling ring). Through the times that she travels, she sees tons of people from their past, including her Gram but excluding Prue (Who was replaced by Page in the third season).

It all ends with the sisters reading their exerts from the Book of Shadows. The shows theme song plays and their readings make for an emotional end.

The Reboot?

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The original three, Prue, Piper, and Phoebe (Played by Shannon Doherty, Holly Marie Combs, and Alyssa Milano) have been in cohorts about a reunion or revival of the show.

If we remember correctly, Shannon Doherty (Prue) was replaced by Rose McGowan who played Page when Shannon and Alyssa Milano were butting heads. Doherty threatened to leave the show if Milano wasn’t taken off the list. The producers ended up axing Shannon.

The fact that it’s the original three that want to get back together for a reboot is even more amazing.

What Should We Expect?

A source told InTouch, “They’re hoping the show gets a second life on Netflix. They’d love to play moms with teenage witch daughters.”

How cool would it be to see the sisters grown, matured, and happy in life? Though it would be a strange opening; The producers would have to fight really hard for a story line seeing as Prue was taken off the episode listing so suddenly.

More than likely, if the show does make a revival, it won’t be for a while and there has been no actual confirmation that Netflix has picked up the show. Many shows get a revival when they were as popular as they were prior to their end. Charmed was wildly popular for the eight years that it had run the loop on TNT, but if it is picked up by Netflix, will it still be wildly popular and loved by all?

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