Netflix Library- Learn Some Shortcuts!

The Netflix Library is gigantic and holds more than 13,000 titles world-wide. ¬†Navigating through the Netflix Library can become time consuming and confusing. ¬†If you are like many of the subscribers we have heard from you feel the same way. We are here with some tips, tricks and shortcuts to help you navigate your Netflix […]

Cartoon Shows To Keep The Kids Entertained!

Cartoon Shows On Netflix Remember back when Saturday morning cartoon shows kept us busy the entire morning? ¬†Nowadays kids are used to instant gratification. ¬†They can watch anything, anytime! ¬†If you are looking for some quiet time with the kids during a school break, during a sickness or even a Mommy break these cartoon shows […]

Netflix News for December 2016- Nominations, Download and Merge

Netflix News December Edition Golden Glode Nominations Netflix has been spending large amounts of money on TV shows, and it’s paying off. ¬†Last year, Netflix nominated series were “Orange Is the New Black” and “Narcos.” December 12th, the Golden Globe nominations came out, and the streaming service has a few nominations for best TV¬†show . […]

Netflix Anime is Exploding! Find Out More Now!

Netflix Anime Everything You Want To Know!   Netflix Anime what is it? ¬†Anime is a¬†Japanese-style animated show¬†or a style of animation created in Japan. ¬†Anime often targets children (Kokomo), girls (Shoujo) and boys (Shounen). ¬†There are also a wide range of adult anime that feature a more complex plot, a slower pace, as well […]

Netflix Documentaries, What To Watch!

Netflix Documentaries are a huge genre on the streaming service ¬†but, what are the popular documentaries? ¬†Are people watching nature, animal, life, weird, history or shows about other countries? ¬†We dug around the Netflix Vault and found these top Netflix Documentaries that are the most streamed on Netflix. ¬†In doing my research I have marked […]

Netflix Comedies Available Now, The Best Of The Best

The BEST comedies are all Right HERE!   It’s been a hectic week and all you need is a good laugh! ¬†Netflix comedies available on Netflix happens to be a huge¬†genre¬†that contains some of the top comedies available anywhere. ¬†With shows like, How I Met Your Mother, ¬†it’s hard to compete but we have come […]

TV Specials For Your Thanksgiving Celebration

  15 TV SPECIALS EPISODES For Thanksgiving on Netflix Since Christmas movies always dominate the month of December, we didn’t want to overlook Thanksgiving. ¬†However Thanksgiving movies are few and far between so we took a look at some of the top sitcoms on Netflix. There area a wide range of Thanksgiving episodes of ‚ÄúFriends,‚Ä̬†‚ÄúHow […]

Is Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on Netflix?

  Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives   Do you have a restaurant in your area that has incredible food and is packed all¬†of the time? ¬†Did you ever wonder… why wouldn’t¬†they get a bigger building, why are they here in this tiny town or why can’t I get a reservation? ¬†ANSWER: ¬†Because these restaurant owners are […]

Stream Netflix….More Than Half of Americans Do It!

Do You Stream Netflix? Congratulations! ¬†You are among over half of Americans that do Netflix has grown itself so large in the United States in recent years and a new survey has found that over half of Americans stream Netflix. Silicon Alley Insider reports that only 37% of Americans have never heard of or never […]

Is Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 on Netflix?

American romantic medical drama television series Grey’s Anatomy is a must watch for medical TV show lovers and as a Netflix subscriber, you must really be excited to binge watch the show. This series has aired eleven seasons already, with its first broadcast 10 years back on March 27, 2005. The ABC series focuses mainly […]