Is Homeland on Netflix, When and How to Get it!

Is Homeland on Netflix? ¬†We have heard from subscribers for months now about how they want Homeland coming to Netflix. ¬† Homeland is a Showtime network series, ¬†therefore you’re guaranteed¬†50 minutes of nail-biting entertainment while watching! The Plot Homeland is an American Thriller Crime Drama. ¬†The series leaves the viewer on the edge of their […]

Funny Shows on Netflix, Titles You Might Never Find!

Funny Shows are available on Netflix and subscribers are looking for new shows all the time. ¬†Here’s your opprotunity to find new funny shows. ¬†We have found titles ranging from adult cartoons like Futurama and Family Guy, as well as mockumentary type shows like Fried and Dreamland. ¬†These hidden gems are often overlooked for the […]

Gotham Season 2 Release Date, Spoilers and Rumors.

  Gotham Season 2 Release Date is well passed on Netflix. ¬†This series has been available for some time. Gotham Season¬†1 was first aired in September 2014 In the first season, James Gordon is¬†new to the¬†Gotham City Police Department and is paired with veteran¬†Harvey Bullock to solve the famous murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne. […]