Is Adventure Time, Cartoon Network #1 series on Netflix

For the last seven¬†years,¬†Adventure Time has been one of the most popular kids shows out there. Cartoon Network has produced eight seasons of the show, all of which have been extremely popular. The show has consistently pulled in #1 ratings in their time slot and was especially popular from the second to the sixth seasons.¬†Adventure […]

Best TV Shows on Netflix Right Now!

Netflix is famous for having a seemingly infinite amount of television shows available to stream for Netflix users. But sometimes it feels like there is absolutely nothing to watch.¬†This is a list of the best shows available on Netflix for those days that you finish up watching your favorite series and you’re stuck on what […]

Is Bobs Burgers Season 6 Available On Netflix?

If you’re a fan of adult cartoons, then you have surely heard of the American sitcom known as Bob’s Burgers. ¬†Does Netflix have Bobs Burgers Season 6? ¬†Let’s Find Out! Bob’s Burgers Recap Bob’s Burgers is a television series that centers around the Belcher family: Tina, Gene, and Louise, with their dysfunctional parents Bob and […]