John Legend Making His Debut on Netflix? See it Here First!

Singer, songwriter, and performer John Legend is making his debut on Netflix. You may wonder how his stardom will come on the streaming service. Will he be producing songs for Netflix Originals? No. Will he be performing on shows as a guest? No. This is so much better. Those that love the game show, competition […]

Lady Gaga Coming to Netflix?

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta was born March 28, 1986. She is the daughter of Cynthia Louise and Joseph Anthony Germanotta Jr. She was an every day girl in the beginning of her life, she had the normal struggles, the normal problems that everyone has in everyday life. Stefani got her talent from a young age. She […]

What Are The Best Dance Films On Netflix to stream and to Order?

Dance is, perhaps, one of the most captivating art forms in existence. Whether it is a ballerina twirling hypnotically or hip hop dancers moving in unnatural ways, dance grabs your attention. Netflix currently has an excellent array of dance films for you to rent on DVD or stream at any time. These are the best […]

Netflix Documentaries, What To Watch!

Netflix Documentaries are a huge genre on the streaming service  but, what are the popular documentaries?  Are people watching nature, animal, life, weird, history or shows about other countries?  We dug around the Netflix Vault and found these top Netflix Documentaries that are the most streamed on Netflix.  In doing my research I have marked […]