Lemony Snicket A Series of Unfortunate Events Hits Netflix!

Perfectly Timed for Friday the 13th,¬†Lemony Snicket A Series of Unfortunate Events is due to hit Netflix. ¬† After more then 10 years after the Bauderlaire orphans finished there journey in the movie adaption of the book series starring Jim Carey. Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events is from the best selling children’s novel […]

What Action Movies On Netflix Star Nicholas Cage?

When you talk action movies on Netflix you have to mention Nicholas Cage. ¬†These titles are what is available on Netflix right now! Top 5 Nicholas Cage Action Movies On Netflix     5. Next (2007)¬† ¬†4.5/5.0 Next is a story about a¬†Las Vegas magician Cris Johnson who has a secret. ¬† He can see […]

Is Grace And Frankie Season 2 on Netfllix?

Is Grace and Frankie Season 2 On Netflix?   Funny, profound, inspiring, quirky and empowering! ¬†Grace and Frankie Season 2 is as terrific as season 1. ¬† The main characters, Grace and Frankie, are older woman played by Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda who are unlikely to ever become friends, until their husbands announce they […]

Funny Shows on Netflix, Titles You Might Never Find!

Funny Shows are available on Netflix and subscribers are looking for new shows all the time. ¬†Here’s your opprotunity to find new funny shows. ¬†We have found titles ranging from adult cartoons like Futurama and Family Guy, as well as mockumentary type shows like Fried and Dreamland. ¬†These hidden gems are often overlooked for the […]

Best Action Movies On Netflix!

  Best Action Movies On Netflix! Action films always have a¬†¬†hero¬†struggling against life-threatening situations, a villain, or a journey that usually ends with a victory! ¬† “Chick Flicks” are all over Netflix, therefore¬†we wanted to take a minute and talk about some of the best action movies on Netflix! ¬†This is for the GUYS! With […]