David Letterman Coming to Netflix? But What For?

1993 to 2015, 4227 episodes, and tons of laughs. There were memories made and many nights where many important topics were hashed out. David Letterman was the longest serving talk show host in the US. For those of you that don’t know, The Late Show was appropriately named as it was on late at night. […]

Thanks to DC Comics, December 2019 Never Looked So Good

Normally when we hear about December, we think about two things… We think about Christmas and the bloody cold. We’ll shiver our way through the season all the way to the New Year, but this December 2019 gives us something to look forward to when it comes to big news. You’re probably waiting on the […]

Best TV Shows on Netflix Right Now!

Netflix is famous for having a seemingly infinite amount of television shows available to stream for Netflix users. But sometimes it feels like there is absolutely nothing to watch.¬†This is a list of the best shows available on Netflix for those days that you finish up watching your favorite series and you’re stuck on what […]