Should I Watch The Office US or UK?

A favorite of many viewers (and my personal favorite),¬†The Office (U.S.)¬†has been extremely popular on Netflix ever since its release. Originally, the show started off in the U.K. and wasn’t extremely popular. ¬†However, the U.S. adaptation of the show took off and lasted for nine seasons! Normally when people watch¬†The Office, they prefer one version […]

Top 5 Best Thrillers on Netflix! You Will Be Scared to Death!

Normally when people think about the different types of movies on Netflix, they think of comedies, romantic comedies, and the occasional superhero movie. But there’s much more! ¬†Especially if you enjoy a good scare. Netflix has over 40 movies in their thriller section, including classics and new movies that are bound to become favorites. So […]

Rick and Morty Netflix Has The Animated Series!

  Rick and Morty, The Animated Series is available through Netflix¬†DVD Service ! Rick and Morty Netflix has it! ¬†Rich Sanchez shows up unannounced at is daughter’s house ready to move in. ¬†Beth allows Rick to move in but her husband isn’t too happy with the decision. ¬†Rick and Morty¬†aires¬†on¬†Cartoon Network’s late night programming block […]