The Last Kingdom Season 2 Release Date & Trailer

UPDATED! ¬†THE LAST KINGDOM Season 2 seems to be the all the rage among our thousands on followers on Facebook. ¬†We have been asked numerous times “When will The Last Kingdom Season 2 be available?”. ¬†So, we decided to do some research on this topic to specifically answer that question. The Last Kingdom was added […]

Bob Ross Episodes Are Streaming On Netflix!

Bob Ross Episodes are available on Netflix! ¬†Bob’s soft, hypnotic voice has kept viewers attention for decades. ¬†As he creates a 30 minute master piece not only does it turn out so amazing he really makes you think you can do it too! With distant mountains, seascapes and forests with happy little trees. ¬†His famous […]

Is Bobs Burgers Season 6 Available On Netflix?

If you’re a fan of adult cartoons, then you have surely heard of the American sitcom known as Bob’s Burgers. ¬†Does Netflix have Bobs Burgers Season 6? ¬†Let’s Find Out! Bob’s Burgers Recap Bob’s Burgers is a television series that centers around the Belcher family: Tina, Gene, and Louise, with their dysfunctional parents Bob and […]

Bob’s Burger Season 5 What To Expect

One of the best animated comedies¬†on TV, Bob’s Burgers¬†will give you hours of laughter. Bob’s Burgers has been nominated for multiple awards including Teen Choice Awards, Annie Awards, Artios Awards, and has won multiple awards including a Primetime Emmy Award. If you haven’t been keeping up with it on TV, don’t worry! Netflix has five […]