5 of the best cooking shows to watch on Netflix this weekend

Do you crave fine dining and love to immerse yourself in the beautiful aesthetics practiced by world-famous chefs? Or are you a home cook who also really enjoys baking? Whether you fall into one of these categories or view cooking shows as a window into the wider world, Netflix has some choice delights for your […]

Original ‘Queer Eye’ Cast Watch Reboot: Here’s What They Think

Fifteen years ago, the original Fab Five burst onto the scene in Queer Eye for the Straight Guy with their style, enthusiasm, and great ideas for elevating your lifestyle.

Political Activism or Just Low Ratings– Why Was This Talk Show Canceled?

Chelsea Handler was born in Livingston, New Jersey on February 25, 1975. Ever since she was born, she has been known for her¬†caustic commentary, self-deprecating humor, and sarcastic and critical views on A-List celebrities. She isn’t shy about what she has to say when it comes to her opinions. She will give her honest, albeit […]

The Simpsons Coming To Netflix? Maybe Not, But Let’s Get It Together Matt Groening!

We all know the show, we remember the yellow people that adorned our living rooms for years and years. We laughed with them and we cried with them– We grew to love them and we often related to them. The Simpsons are the family that everyone loved, but now their getting a glorified chance at […]

Thirteen Reasons Why….Netflix Original Hits #1!

Thirteen Reasons Why was released on March 31, 2017 and subscribers can’t stop talking about it. ¬†Like this subscriber: 13 Reasons Why is a show everyone should watch. Teens, parents and everyone in between. It brings to light the tough subject of suicide. 17 year old Hannah Baker takes her own life and leaves behind […]

New Girl Season 5, The Wedding Photos Are Here!

For many of us, streaming¬†is a time to relax and get our mind off of daily struggles. What better way to do this than watching a comedy? New Girl¬†Season 5 is a hilariously quirky show that follows Jess (Zooey Deschanel)¬†and her three male roommates. They all¬†are in their early 30s, and they‚Äôre still figuring out […]

The Originals Season 2 Trailer Watch Now!

You may remember movies and shows centered around vampires, such as¬†Twilight and¬†Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and The Vampire Diaries, well¬†now there’s¬†The Originals! Vampires used to be extremely popular a couple of years ago, and now they’re making a come back. ¬† Now, you can catch¬†The Originals Season 2¬†on Netflix and keep up with yet another […]