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The cast of How I Met Your Mother involves a group of friends that are determined to find the main character Ted, the love of his life. The show is a synopsis told by an “older Ted”  played by Bob Saggot, and as a sequence of flashbacks.

A romantic comedy that is set in New York Cities crowded streets. The show is mainly set in MacLauren’s Pub.  The pub is where the cast of How I Met Your Mother spent most of their time.

Cast of How I Met Your Mother

Josh Radnor – Ted

Neil Patrick Harris- Barney

Bob Saggot- As the Voice of “Old Ted”

Alyson Hannigan – Lily

Cobie Smulders – Robin

Jason Segal – Marshall

Cristin Milioti – Tracy

The Plot

Ted is searching for the woman of his dreams along with help from his friends Barney, Marshall, and Lily he encounters two possible candidates through out the series.   After professing his undying love to Robin on the day he meets her.  Even though the hope of igniting a flame quickly dies.

As the story goes Barney ends up marrying Robin.  On the night of their wedding, Ted finally meets his true love.   While standing on a train platform he runs into Tracy and quickly realizes she is the one. 

The fans of HIMYM find out that neither of the marriages last.   Robin and Barney get a divorce,and Tracy dies due to illness.

cast of how i met your mother
Lyndsy Fonseca and David Henrie join the cast of How I Met Your Mother.

Lyndsy Fonseca and David Henrie, add to the cast of How I Met Your Mother as Ted and Tracy’s children, Penny and David. Stuck on the couch while their Dad recalls the lengthy story.  At the end of the series, Ted tries to rekindle the relationship he had with Robin years before. This decision shocks his children, the entire Cast of How I Met Your Mother and enrages fans.  This ending caused quite the uproar.   Rightfully so,  as it put a twist on the perfect ending everyone was seeking.

Years later, people are still talking about that shocking ending and wondering where the original cast of How I Met Your Mother is today?

Where Are They Now?

Neil Patrick Harris went to concentrate his career on stage performances. Cobie Smolders (Robin) and Jason Segel (Ted) moved to movies.  Alyson Hannigan(Lily) turned her attention to raising her family and Josh Radnor(Marshall) tested his skills in directing.   Regardless of their accomplishments,  they are still best known as the cast of How I Met Your Mother.

Will There Be a Reunion?

The series is still in demand on Netflix charts and begs the questions will the cast of How I Met your Mother would do a reunion or a sequel to the hit series. A fan recently asked Neil Patrick Harris this question and he said “it doesn’t not look promising.”   He explained that everyone had gone separate ways and was busy with their lives. This does not reflect what the other stars from the cast of How I Met Your Mother feel, but for now the re-runs will have to do.

You can find the series on Netflix today and re-live all the joy and tears the cast of How I Met Your Mother endured throughout every episode.

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