[Canceled] Sense8– Here’s Why!

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Fans are heartbroken learning the dirty details of the news. What news you ask? Sense8 has been canceled. The show was only on for two seasons, 23 episodes total, but took place in 16 cities and 13 different counties. Everyone fell in love with the show due to it’s sci-fi, enticing nature of mystery and love. If there was so much love for this show, why was it canceled?

The Synopsis

For those of you that didn’t watch the show but are curious what all the hype is about, Sense8 was loved for it’s deep connection with fans, producers, and cast. The show was heavily loved in the LGBTQ community for the blunt storyline of unending, unashamed love. The title, Sense8, is a play on words so to speak meaning “sensate”.

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The show starts with eight strangers located in London, Chicago, San Francisco, Nairobi, Mexico City, Mumbai, Berlin, and Seoul. They’ve got not a clue what is going on with their deep intellectual emotional and mental connection, but when one dies, about eight more “sensates” appear. As the show goes on to tell the story, the viewers figure it out along with the cast that they are mentally connected in such a way, only they and the viewers can understand. It’s neat because you figure it out as they do.

The Reason

The over all reason or message of the show was to demonstrate a worldly understanding. A goal of living in a world where everyone understand each other and accepts each other. Two of the main points showcased in the show are sexuality and gender identity issues.

Image source: http://sense8.tumblr.com/post/143798306529/it-was-while-shooting-the-big-cluster-birthday

To some, this was more than just a show. It was an understanding and acceptance to those with the similar identities.

The Dirty Details

The show was pulled from Netflix, by Netflix creative content team. The one reason that may make fans furious? Netflix claims that they have too many hits on their hands at this moment. They’ve got shows like The Keepers and 13 Reason’s Why taking up their creative time. These shows are also great, but had more of a solid following when it comes to shows to watch. Sense8 didn’t quite make the list as these shows pulled a higher rank.


To be clear, there was nothing against the show, characters, or the storyline. Many are sad that this show won’t be picked up for a third season, but Netflix has spoken. They’ve just got too many hits right now and not enough time or creative juices to fuel the show to it’s fullest potential.

Wouldn’t you want something you loved so much to have the time and energy put into it the way that it should be? Sense8 fans may be upset at this decision, but in all reality, Netflix did you a favor pulling the plug on something that they simply didn’t have the time to commit to. Maybe they’ll pick it up in the future. One never knows.

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