Do You REALLY Want To Cancel Netflix? Quick Easy Steps!

cancel netflix

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A Netflix membership is almost a necessity these day, but if you want to cancel Netflix, we can show you the steps that you need to take to do that. Below are some helpful tips on how to cancel your membership through your Netflix, GooglePlay, or iTunes account. There are many different ways to cancel your Netflix membership, so if you don’t see the answer here, you can check Netflix’s website under the Help Center.

Cancelling Your Account Through Netflix

cancel netflix

  • Log into your Netflix account
  • Click on your account username in the top right hand corner
  • Click on Your Account in the dropdown menu
  • Underneath Membership & Billing, click Cancel Membership

Cancelling Your Account Through Google Play

On Your Computer

  • Go to
  • Select Netflix under Subscriptions
  • Click on Cancel Subscription

On Your Android Device

  • Go into the Google Play Store
  • Go to the Menu icon
  • Select Account, then select Subscriptions
  • Select Netflix, and the select Cancel

Cancelling Your Account Through iTunes

  • Go into your iTunes account
  • Select Account, then click on View my Account
  • Find the Settings section, and select Subscriptions
  • Click on Netflix, select Edit, and then click Cancel Subscription


And now that you know how to cancel Netflix…

Why would you want to Cancel Netflix?

Netflix offers over 1,000 TV shows and 4,000 movies! With your membership, you have unlimited access to everything that is available to stream online, and you can even get DVD’s in the mail by paying a couple more dollars per month. Even though the membership is definitely worth it, if you decide to cancel your account, your viewing activity is saved for 10 months. You can start up right where you left off! Having a Netflix membership is great for movie nights, binge watching, and relaxing after a long day, so we can safely say that if you cancel your membership, we think you’re going to miss it!

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