Bored With Your Regular Stuff? Here Are Some Titles Coming To Netflix This Week

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How did we live life without Netflix? We live in a day and age where we can watch 6 episodes of a show in a row while twenty years ago, that was impossible. We can watch great documentaries like Black Fish or shows like Orange is the New Black at the touch of our fingers. Breaking things down for us? This is a war on commercials. Instead of sitting and waiting through commercials, Netflix just dismisses them with a small fee. They’re the real star here. While this isn’t breaking news, the fact that we can see what is to come is pretty neat. So whats Netflix conjuring up this May?

Coming This Week To Netflix

All too often we find a show that we love and we binge watch the heck out of it. I was guilty of this watching The Walking Dead and American Horror Story. Whether you’re streaming instantly on your xbox, though an app that is instant to your tv, or waiting for your dvd to get to your house, you’re probably doing the same. So what’s coming this week to Netflix? I think you’ll be mighty surprised.

May 8-12

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1. Beyond the Gates (2016)

2. Queen of the South (Season 1)

3. The Adventure Club (2016)

4. The Fosters (Season 4)

5. Master of None (Season 2)

Coming Up Next In May

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1. Command and Control (2016)

2. Riverdale ( Season 1) The CW Exclusive Early Release!

3. South Paw (2015)

4. Bunk’d (Season 2)

May is an exciting month… As were march and April, somehow, Netflix never goes down hill. Make sure you finish Mad Men, Vampire Diaries, Arrow, or whatever kick you’re on before you start anything new, you don’t want to get yourself in a rut and have a fast back log shows or there will be blood… sweat and tears when it comes to the big, bad queue of what’s coming soon.

It’s Ok… Put Your Queue On Hold…

Here is what is leaving in May… Netflix isn’t trying to wage wars or put the “worst player of the year” on the resume, but they may be coming pretty close to that with taking these shows away.

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1. Bob’s Burgers (Seasons 1 and 2)

2. American Dad (Seasons 7 through 10)

3. Graceland (Seasons 1 though 3)

If you are in Canada watching Canadian Netflix, it’s much the same as the list here in the USA, but the UK is very different. This month, the UK can look forward to comedies like It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and Shrek (both popular in America) along with tons of other releases.

If Hunger Games: Catching Fire or Teen Wolf was in your queue, you’re going to be sorely disappointed–this amazing film and awesome show is DVD only. (Thank goodness, Frozen by Disney isn’t available on either option yet–You’re welcome, mom and dad!)

Remember when you binge watched Supernatural episodes until you had to prop your eye lids open? What about Scandal… Will we ever find out Olivia Pope’s secret?  You’ll have to do that for these new series, seasons, and films. Netflix has tons of fun stuff from anime to fairy-tail movies where the girl gets the king, but this month you’ll see tons of new titles from Netflix Originals and super fun shows that will make you a true binge watcher. Don’t miss out!

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