Is Bobs Burgers Season 6 Available On Netflix?

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If you’re a fan of adult cartoons, then you have surely heard of the American sitcom known as Bob’s Burgers.  Does Netflix have Bobs Burgers Season 6?  Let’s Find Out!

Bob’s Burgers Recap

Bob’s Burgers is a television series that centers around the Belcher family: Tina, Gene, and Louise, with their dysfunctional parents Bob and Linda. Each member of the family adds their own humorous element to the sitcom. The Belcher children attempt to grow up normally in their flawed family.  As each face their own, quite awkward, challenges that come with growing up and adolescence. The Belcher family owns a hamburger restaurant on a street called Ocean Avenue.  Attempting to keep their family together throughout the chaos of running a business. While competing for success against their largest rival, Jimmy Pesto’s Pizzeria, owned by Jimmy Pesto. Much humor is given through rivalry of the personal relationship between the restaurant owners.

bob's burgers season 5

Bob’s Burgers Awards

Bob’s Burgers has been nominated for many film awards, rightfully so, given that so many people think it is one of the most humorous adult comedies out there.  Out of these nominations, the television series has won many awards for Outstanding Animated Program, multiple awards for Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance, or Voice Acting, and awards for the writing of an animated series.

The voices of the characters are:

H. Jon Benjamin (Bob Belcher)

Dan Mintz (Tina Belcher)

Eugene Mirman (Gene Belcher)

John Roberts (Linda Belcher)

Kristen Schaal (Louise Belcher).

All of the work that these actors put into the production of the show, shines through the success of the show.

Bob’s Burgers History

.January 9, 2011 was the premiere pilot of Bob’s Burger on television.   The first season was not a huge hit with viewers.  However,  with each season the ratings have been growing progressively. The series is now working on its seventh season with that being said subscribers are probably wondering where you can find the other six seasons.

Is Bobs Burgers Season 6 on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Bobs Burgers Season 6 does not update on Netflix as soon as it could.  But given that the latest update was the release of season five on Netflix in early 2016. Until season six is release, be sure to catch up on the first five season.   Be sure to binge on each of the humor filled episodes to have a laugh every day!



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