Bloodline Season 3 Will Be The Last!

The second season of Netflix original Bloodline is set to air on May 27.

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 The second season of Netflix original Bloodline is set to air on May 27.

Bloodline Canceled by Netflix!

But will season 3 be the last we see of the Reyburns

or will it continue on another network?

Bloodline is one of Netflix Subscribers favorite shows available for streaming from the  service.  Netflix  has decided season 3 will be the show’s last. Unfortunately,  even with Bloodline being canceled fans will still get  Season 3 (10 more episodes)  in June as the show finishes its run on Netflix.

The show was renewed for a third season shortly after the release of the second season this year on  Memorial Day weekend.

Based on the reports, it doesn’t sound as if  Bloodline was canceled because of the show’s quality or low ratings but because Florida’s entertainment tax incentives program that had major cuts. Therefore, to film in the Florida it is going to cost a whole lot more money to shoot the show that’s based in the Florida Keys.   Producer’s are looking at other location options for the filming.

Since it appears that  Netflix isn’t willing to pay for increased cost to make the show, maybe other streaming companies such as  Amazon or Hulu could pick it up?  Or maybe even a Network like Freeform or AMC.

So how do you write for the end of Bloodline?  Will there be a sense of closure with the Reyburns and their fans or will we be left with questions.

This news isn’t easy for fans who are anticipating what will be happening on Bloodline but perhaps three seasons will be enough.  Personally, season 2 was a little slow and cumbersome,  season 3 will need to move a lot quicker to wrap things up.


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