Is Black Mirror Season 1 Available On Netflix?

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black_mirror_1Rotten Tomatoes Rating  93% Liked It!  Average Rating: 4.5/5

Black Mirror Season 1, 2, & 3

Black Mirror Season 1  is a British television series.  The series was created by Charlie Brooker and product by Zeppotron.  Each episode has a different reality.  The show is about the way we live with technology and what may happen if we are not careful.

In 2015, Netflix ordered a third series of 12 episodes.  The first season is only 3 episodes which makes for a quick binge.  Followed by season 2 which is also only 3 episodes.  The season one, two and three are all available on Netflix now.

Black Mirror Season 1 Episode 1 “The National Anthem”

Episode 2 “Fifteen Million Merits”

Episode 3 “The Entire History of You”

Season 2 Episode 1  “Be Right Back”

Episode 2  “White Bear”

Episode 3 “The Waldo Moment”

Season 3 was split into 2 parts with 6 episodes each.

Season 3  Episode 1 Nose dive

Episode 2 Playlist

Episode 3 Shut Up and Dance

Episode 4 “San Junipero”

Episode 5  Men Against Fire

Episode 6 “Hated in the Nation”

It’s the Twilight Zone for the modern age, showing us how the impact of social media, smartphones, and TV could evolve in the future.  All the episodes are different stories with different settings, characters and themes.

When reviewing Black Mirror Season 1, I have to admit I wasn’t expecting anything that I got.  The show challenges you to think of what the future could look like and possibly soon if we don’t control the use of technology before it controls us.

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