New Dating App Tells You How Long Your Relationship Will Last

Photo of couple using dating app from Black Mirror. How many dating apps could there possibly be out there? black mirror dating app.

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How many dating apps could there possibly be out there? Surprisingly, there are several, and a new one hit the market from Netflix after the episode “Hang the DJ” from Black Mirror aired. The episode featured a dating app where both participants of the date pressed a button on their device to say how long their relationship would last. Would you trust your dating life to an app? It is hard to believe that in a world where people are being controlled by an entity called the “System.” Sounds kind of sketchy, honestly. If you had a chance to use an app like this, would you?

Black Mirror’s Intense Dating App

It seems like the characters in Black Mirror are being controlled one way or another. For those of you who haven’t seen the show, it is basically a British television show that resembles The Twilight Zone. It’s sharp, suspenseful and at times thrilling. You will find that each story has a new set of characters that are all being controlled by the “System.”

After watching a trailer for the shows premiere it’s easy to see why it is dark. Then comes the dating app. In the show you will see people being paired based on compatibility and their digital coach “app” will tell them how long that relationship will last. Creepy? These matches are ultimately brought to them courtesy of the “System.”  If you noticed in the episode “Hang the DJ” the characters Frank and Amy are given twelve hours. That’s awfully short for a relationship wouldn’t you say. You will see each of them part ways to find new partners, yet in the back of their minds they know they’re right for each other.

What Happens Next?

Frank and Amy decide they want to make it work, defying the System. They try to flee the compound only for the episode to cut to another scene where we find them in a bar. Has your mind been blown yet? So what happens next? The best thing to do was create a real-life app for watchers around the world to use.

Netflix took their brightest minds and gave us all our very own dating app. You are taken to a page where you see a device that looks like the one from the episode. Try it with a friend, or a loved one, see how long your expiration date will be. I tried it with my best friend and it said we were going to be together for 24 hours. Hard to believe that, we’ve been friends since junior high.

Are You Up for It?

All in all, the episode is creepy, suspenseful and the app could be useful. In real life we see people using dating apps all the time. But what if we are all being controlled by the System and don’t know it? Would you trust your life to a dating app that gives you an expiration date?


Featured image: Video screengrab via Netflix “Hang the DJ” episode from Black Mirror.

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