Netflix Just Dropped Its ‘Black Mirror’ Trailer and It’s Creepy as All Get Out

Charlie Brooker’s Netflix dark sci-fi anthology series, Black Mirror season 4, is building some serious anticipation with it’s latest trailer release: “Metalhead.” [Photo of Maxine Peake)

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Charlie Brooker’s Netflix dark sci-fi anthology series, Black Mirror season 4, is building some serious anticipation with its latest trailer release: “Metalhead.” In the stark trailer, we find Maxine Peake (“The Theory Of Everything”) in a dizzying array of terrifying moments. She appears to be fleeing some kind of metallic evil, and the seriously creepy visuals leave you wanting to know how this happened.

The number one question out there — namely,  the series release date — remains frustratingly unanswered. There is not an official release date for Season 4, at this time. “Metalhead” is the last in a series of trailers. Season 4 will consist of six episodes, the same as season 3. Trickling out after “Archangel,” “Crocodile,” “Black Museum,” “Callister,” and “Hang the DJ,” all of these trailers draw you into snippets of dystopian worlds and “Sophie’s Choices.”

The “Metalhead” trailer is a scant 45 seconds, but the black and white imagery draws you into the fear of a woman seemingly on the run from an evil she fears she won’t escape alive. We know that she found a dog, in a warehouse, and that people are dead. She is leaving behind loved ones, possibly to either pursue or evade a deadly foe. What we don’t know could fill books.

“If I don’t make it back, I’ve always love you all,” she can be heard saying during the short scenes. She doesn’t see an inevitable victory ahead of herself but has not given up.

Judging by the history of this series, this episode is going to keep your jaw tight. Raising more questions than answers, the striking cinematography evokes a visceral gut reaction to the situations on the screen.

Watch: Netflix Releases Black Mirror “Metalhead” Trailer for Season 4.

Back in August, Netflix released an exciting cast and crew list, including some big-name directors. Jodie Foster directed Archangel, which seems to deal with an overprotective mother and the lengths she goes to for control over her young daughter after a scare. Would you go as far as an invasive procedure to maintain order in your life, to keep your child safe?

Watch the trailer to “Archangel”, here, courtesy of Youtube:

IMDB lists the following directors for the 2017 season:

All in all, Brooker seems to be hitting the mark for the series, as he laid it out. He “kinda wanted to do something that would actively unsettle people,” Booker said in an interview. Booker felt that purposeful unease was missing. If it was, he certainly seems to have created a franchise that delivers that in spades.

All in all, the series seems to have swung for the fences. Whether or not it turns out to be a home run, time will tell. But, if you go by the history of this sinister and scintillating series, there are high hopes. There is a reason that everyone is obsessed with “Black Mirror.”

Here is the above-mentioned interview with Brooker for Black Mirror’s “White Christmas.”

Featured image: Promotional photo via NetFlix.

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