Binge From the Beginning: Watch The 100 Online On Netflix

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What an age we live in: able to access whole TV series in their entirety in one big gulp if we so desire, or a season at a time. Before streaming services started provided this amazing service to us, binging required a trip to the video store or an investment in compilations of those precious TV favorites.

Netflix is obviously a huge player in giving us the opportunity to binge as a lifestyle. One great example is getting to watch The 100 online. To see the complete series just click here. 

What Is The 100 on Netflix?

If you haven’t caught up to this one yet, I would suggest you check out The 100. This is an incredible, award-winning Science Fiction series brought to us originally on The CW network. They have brought us some outstanding programming for decades now, going back to previous incarnations as The WB and UPN, where we enjoyed such quality shows as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gilmore Girls, Smallville, and the everlasting Supernatural.

The 100 premiered in 2014 and appeared on Netflix that same year.

The 100 Premise

A post-apocalyptic tale based on a series of novels written by Kass Morgan, its premise is intriguing. Because of a nuclear war, a group of approximately 1000 humans retreated to space where they live for 97 years on a combined construction of space stations and space craft. They live there in Earth orbit in the hopes of someday returning to the planet.

After a time, conditions become perilous for this group because of overpopulation of the Ark (the name for this temporary home for mankind). Concerns about basic resources motivate the governing council to hatch a morally questionable plan.

The council must determine if the planet might possibly be habitable. They know there are definite risks connected with being in the radioactive environment at that stage, but the best way to find out is to send a human contingent to the surface for direct experience.

They decide to send their least valuable, most healthfully robust group: 100 juvenile delinquents who have been locked away from the general population and have a strong desire to be anywhere that gave them their freedom. The malcontents are sent in a space craft to see if they can live on Earth.

When they arrive, they found their world to be beautiful and non-hostile, with the exception of survivors, who they refer to as Grounders. These people have devolved into rather primitive clans that don’t take kindly to the newcomers. Adding that to the 100’s given tendency toward rejection of authority and away from working together for the common good, we have the perfect storm for conflict and drama which are good reasons to watch The 100 online.

A Deeper Look At The 100

Although it may not appear so, this is more than just a show about good-looking young people (a CW staple). The 100 tackles social issues and moral dilemmas in great detail. Right from the start, it must weigh the convenient resolution against the greater good.

This is definitely a recurring theme throughout the series. The writers have been known to take it a step further, though, going against the grain when a solution is generally agreed upon but a character overrules the group to exercise a more elevated option.

The relationships generate much of the drama, which is to be expected from a story that centers around a group with a lower than average respect for social convention. Still, the series expertly works the evolution of the personalities individually and in relation to increasingly larger groups.

Different clans and social constructs offer more challenging situations than ever faced before and the characters must develop to find their way.

Should You Binge Watch The 100 Online?

With all the options for home entertainment, even when away from home, there is definitely a need for following TV shows online. If you don’t have any device set up to watch The 100 online, you have to catch it on The CW in prime time hours.

This could be difficult for many people.

For one, you have to remember the right time slot. You might get off work too late to make it every week. If your job requires you to get up extremely early, you may need to climb in bed before it airs. Also, if you’re starting on The 100 now, you can’t start from the beginning if you’re watching it on The CW.

Binge watching The 100 online is actually the only practical way to binge-watch it. Making trips to a video store to get full seasons of the show, if available, would be costly and time-consuming. Having access to Netflix, you can currently see all six seasons and start with the first season.

Binge if you like, but it’s your choice. It’s a choice you would not have if you rented it by the season at a store and had to have it back by a certain day. Remember, watching Netflix on your TV is one of the best methods of watching this show but you can stream it on your computer, iPad, phone, etc. too.

How to Binge-Watch The 100 from the Beginning on Netflix

The steps to get set up to watch The 100 online are easy and can be done rather quickly. Use a PC or laptop for easiest navigating. You can use any device, however. Instructions here are for using the PC or laptop.

  1. Go to the Netflix website. You’ll see you get a free 30-day trial.
  2. Select the subscription plan that suits you best.
  3. Create an account. You will need to enter your email address and a password. Keep a record of those if you need to, as you may need to sign in now and then.
  4. Provide payment information for Netflix. Billing will only occur if you continue using the service after your trial period has expired. You will receive an email a few days beforehand warning you of the upcoming trial expiration date.
  5. Click “START MEMBERSHIP.” Instructions will vary a little depending on the device you use. You’ll have options for using an Android or iOS App in the second set of steps. The third set is for signing up on Roku.
  6. You will be given a user profile. If you selected either of the two higher membership options, you will have more than one profile to choose as yours. Once you click on the profile you will be using, a menu will come up. You can browse through the menu under different categories of shows until you find The 100.
  7. Another way to get to the show is by scrolling up to the top of the menu page and click on Search. This will allow you to enter the numbers and letters of The 100. Enter the search data and Netflix will pull up the series.
  8. When you make your selection to watch the series, it will automatically give you Season 1, Episode 1 to watch. Select it and you can officially watch The 100 online.
  9. Netflix is very binge-friendly. When you finish that first episode or any other one for that matter, they will give you less than 30 seconds to click away from moving right on to the next one.
  10. You might just want to have a boatload of snacks and drinks within arm’s length and a meal or two standing by if you want to do some serious binging. A weekend could slip by unnoticed, but remember to keep eating.

Conclusion—Watch The 100 Online on Netflix

Some people feel we are in a second Golden Age of Television. Although not everyone is in agreement, there can be no doubt there is a tremendous selection of quality programming on TV. There are many broadcast and cable networks with numerous excellent shows.
Streaming services such as Netflix are producing a huge number of original movies and series.
One genre that has often missed the mark in television is Science Fiction. It seems that producing a good TV show that really is Science Fiction, covering all the elements comprising the genre, has been a rarity. To include imaginative technology in the story, special effects for the eye, social discussion, moral issues and a sense of legitimate world-building isn’t easy. It takes special vision, great leadership and high-functioning teamwork to make a top shelf Science Fiction TV series.
The 100 is one such show. It has been nominated for 31 awards over the six seasons it has been in production. It has been consistently well-reviewed on Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. Rolling Stone ranks it in its list of the “40 Best Science Fiction TV Shows of All Time.”

The 100 is a bonafide Science Fiction TV show with a strong story arc, an engaging cast and effects that garnered an Emmy nomination. With it now heading into its seventh season, Netflix is the natural place to watch it. If binging is your pleasure, The 100 is a good, long ride.

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