Bill Nye Is Back to Save the World, Again for Season 2! (Sorry, Haters)

Bill Nye Saves the World -- Netflix releases Season 2 Trailer (Photo with video screengrab)

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Netflix finally announced the release date for Bill Nye Saves the World, Season 2. Here’s the trailer … With him buying marijuana “for science.” Who doesn’t want to see our favorite “science guy” buying himself some weed?

The much anticipated Season 2 was announced earlier this year. You see, Nye’s show frankly addressed a lot of things scientifically, which apparently made him the target for an awful lot of hate. In fact, that intense burning hatred for science which contradicted people’s feelings seems to have made bill quite the target. Unlike shows that rest on accolades to move forward, it almost appears that the sheer volume of anti-science hate pushed the Second season into existence.

As you can see, it is pretty clear, we still need Bill Nye to save the world, again:

But, they didn’t give us much, or a release date in that trailer. Sure, we know he’s coming, but when? The wait for Season 2’s release date is over, now, and we have a trailer. The funny, edgy, snarky, Bill Nye Saves the World, Season 2, is set to debut on November 29th!

Here is the trailer, and, apparently, Bill Nye himself buying cannabis:

Nye has been a childhood hero for many GenXers and Millennials, bringing Science, and the scientific method, to their living rooms. Not only bringing it, but making it fun, interesting, and unapologetic. Why? Because, magnets aren’t magic, they’re science. That’s why.

Sorry, Haters, not sorry! Bill Nye is back. Because, as long as people will deny science, like Climate Change we are all in danger. And the hero is a bad boy in a bow tie and an iconic white lab coat, slinging science and seeking answers everywhere.

This show is aimed at adults, and does deal with race, gender and other topics that can be controversial. However, when Bill Nye does an episode, you can be sure he is going off of peer-reviewed, real science. Perhaps, we will all get lucky and the anti-science trolls calling Nye every name in the book will watch every episode so they can attack him. They may learn something by accident — and that can only be a good thing for the rest of us who share the planet with them.

Just in case you never caught the first Season or trailer, here it is:

Featured image:  YouTube  video screengrab | Netflix’s Bill Nye Saves the World via Netflix.

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