Best TV Shows on Netflix Right Now!

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Netflix is famous for having a seemingly infinite amount of television shows available to stream for Netflix users. But sometimes it feels like there is absolutely nothing to watch. This is a list of the best shows available on Netflix for those days that you finish up watching your favorite series and you’re stuck on what else to watch.

The Best TV Shows on Netflix

ShamelessBest TV Shows on Netflix

If you haven’t heard of Shameless yet, where have you been? This show is all over the place, famous for the chaotic family setting and the raunchy scenes that make some people squirm that has gotten America is hooked. So if you haven’t tried it out yet, check out Shameless! Well, only if you like laughing until your stomach hurts!

The Walking Dead

Best TV Shows on NetflixA favorite among viewers, The Walking Dead has the users of Netflix addicted. This series is currently working on their seventh season, still going strong! If you like zombies, or zombie apocalypses to be exact, you will fall in love with this series. And it is all available to stream on Netflix as long as you have an account!

Breaking Bad

Best TV Shows on NetflixStarring Bryan Cranston as the infamous former chemistry teacher, Walter White who, while insuring his family’s financial stability, gets involved with Jesse Pinkman in the making and distributing of crystal meth. This show is a favorite because of the show’s unbeatable humor and the connection between the characters and viewers. If you start watching Breaking Bad, you will fall in love with and become connected with the characters right away. So get ready to be hooked! Check out Breaking Bad on Netflix!

The CrownBest TV Shows on Netflix

Do you like British drama TV shows? If so, then this series is perfect for you! This show, with five stars on Netflix, tells the stories of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign in Great Britain. From political rivalries to romance, this show is packed with scenes that will leave you wanting more. Prepare to binge watch if you press play on that first episode, because you’re sure to love it!


Making A MurderBest TV Shows on Netflix

Knowing that this show is a Netflix Original, it is guaranteed to be worth the watch. This series is more than binge-worthy. The series tell the story of a wrongfully convicted man named Steven Avery who, after eighteen years, is released from prison after being exonerated with DNA evidence. Grab some popcornand watch Making A Murder on Netflix, where it is available to stream any time as long as you have an account!



Best TV Shows on Netflix

Another Netflix Original, Daredevil is perfect for anyone who is a fan of superheroes, or Marvel more specifically. This series has two seasons that are both available to stream on Netflix. Both seasons follow Daredevil around fighting the crimes of New York by night, and by day he is an attorney who has lost his vision and uses it to his advantage.


Get to Bingeing!

Now you have a list some of the best series available on Netflix. So, get comfy on the couch and binge watch whichever show best suites you! Whether that be an action filled series like The Walking Dead or Daredevil, a drama like The Crown, or a comedy like Shameless, you are sure to stay busy with all of this available to stream on Netflix!


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