Last Man Standing


Tim Allen stars in this smash comedy hit. ¬†Mike Baxter(Allen) ¬†is the father of 3 daughters Kristen, Mandy and Eve. ¬†All girls are very different not just from each other but, ¬†from Mike. ¬†Eve is Mike’s favorite and it is clear he raises her like the son he never had. ¬†Tim Allen’s wit and personality, he has even referenced lines from Home Improvement.

Its Always Sunny in  Philadelphia

This comedy series follows a group of five underachievers. ¬†This group of friends run an Irish bar called Paddy’s Pub in South Philadelphia. ¬†Each one of them shows varying degrees of dishonesty, greed, ignorance, stupidity, laziness and vanity. ¬†Which always leads to ¬†the friends becoming involved in something ¬†controversial.



arrow tv series netflix


Based off of DC Comics hero the Green Arrow.  Wealthy billionaire Oliver Queen returns to Starling City after his disappearance of 5 years  he is reunited with his family, friends and girlfriend.

As Oliver tries to rekindle  his relationships he is spending his nights hunting down criminals as the  hooded vigilante, Green Arrow.

Due to the many shows that could be spot lighted here these are some of the most viewed.  Consequently thesem are the Best Shows List here at Netflix Update.