Best Shows On Netflix

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What are the Best Shows on Netflix?  With the endless list of shows on Netflix, it can be daunting searching through the endless list.  First of all viewers  look for genre and then the titles.  How aggravating! This list was made to make it easier for viewers by researching titles and popularity of shows streaming on Netflix.  However,  this list will not include the obvious choices such as The Walking Dead or Orange is the New Black.


How to get away with Murder



How to Get Away with Murder stars Viola Davis as Annalise Keating, a criminal defense lawyer/professor at a prestigious law school. With a group of five students and interns at her law firm, Keating gets caught up in a murder plot.

How to Get Away with Murder is one of the best shows on network TV.   The premise is a bit controversial but it really works. As part of the story they use of flashback are referred to and add to the suspense.

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