Top 10 Scariest Movies on Netflix Right Now

The Babadook is the best scariest movie on Netflix.

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If you are among those who love to watch horror flicks, Netflix offers tons of scariest movies to let you enjoy the odd nightmare. No, I’m not talking about the goofy horror comedies made on a micro budget and full with blunders. If you enjoy bone-chilling, heart-pounding movies released recently or time-proven classics, this list of the best scariest movies on Netflix is for you.

I don’t really think these movies are made available to binge-watch but still, watching scary movies will give you or your partner a sense of fright to keep you close. Hold hands and scream together as you watch the spooky villians, aliens and ghosts haunt your thoughts.

Check out our list of the 10 scariest movies on Netflix streaming right now.

1. The Babadook

The Babadook is the best scariest movie on Netflix.

Initial Release: 2014
Director: Jennifer Kent
IMDb: 6.8/10 | Rotten Tomatoes Score: 98%

The Babadook has been widely admired as a thought-provoking yet viscerally terrifying film. The movie’s darkly mesmerizing atmosphere is in large part due to the skill of director Jennifer Kent.

The protagonist Amelia (played by Essie Davis) and her husband got into a horrific car accident while driving to the hospital for the birth of their son, Samuel. It is now several years later, and Samuel is a child who seems to have a great deal of emotional distress. He believes in monsters and is terribly afraid of them, and his behavior is very difficult for Amelia to deal with.

Amelia and her son find a book in their house. It is a monster called “Babadook,” which is reputed to reside in their house’s dark corners.The discovery of this book and the knowledge it contains brings Amelia into her son’s world of nightmares and monsters, and the two characters are forced into a terrifying journey.

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2. Scream

Scream is one of the best scariest movies on Netflix.

Initial Release: 1996
Director: Wes Craven
IMDb: 7.2/10 | Rotten Tomatoes Score: 79%

A horror mystery and scary movie, Scream’s story is set in Woodsboro, a tiny, uneventful town. The main character, Sidney (played by Neve Campbell) is in a state of great emotional distress caused by the murder of her mother, which took place a year before.

Sidney and her friends begin receiving bizarre phone calls. The person making the calls is a serial killer who wears a white face mask.  When the serial killer calls, he asks Sidney and her friends for the name of their favorite horror movie.  The serial killer eventually comes after Sidney and her group of friends, including her boyfriend, Billy (played by Skeet Ulrich), her beautiful friend Casey (played by Drew Barrymore), her know-it-all friend Tatum (played by Rose McGowan), and others. He is motivated by a thirst for revenge. Will Sidney or any of her friends fall victim to his psychopathic rage? It is certain that Woodsboro will never be the same.

3. Insidious

Insidious is a scary movie on Netflix.

Initial Release: 2010 (2011 in USA)
Director: James Wan
IMDb: 6.8/10 | Rotten Tomatoes Score: 66%

The Lambert family has recently moved into an old and mysterious house. One of their three children, little boy Dalton Lambert (played by Ty Simpkins), is in a coma as a result of a very strange accident that takes place in the house’s attic. He falls off a ladder, striking his head violently against the floor. The accident is actually caused by malevolent spirits, and he is kept in his coma by these dark beings. The little boy is under attack by evil spirits who want to trap him in something called The Further, which is a terrible, dark realm.

The family becomes engaged in a horrifying struggle for the life and soul of their son, and it is by no means certain that they will be able to win. Patrick Wilson plays Josh Lambert, the father of the family and a teacher, and Rose Byrne plays Dalton’s mother, Renai Lambert.

4. Event Horizon

Event Horizon is a creepy horror movie on Netflix.

Initial Release: 1997
Director: Paul W.S. Anderson
IMDb: 6.7/10 | Rotten Tomatoes Score: 24%

Event Horizon is a science fiction/horror movie with a unique plot. The movie is set in the year 2047. Seven years before the beginning of the story, the main character, a scientist called Dr. William Weir, created Event Horizon, a spacecraft that incredibly could transport humans further than Neptune. The ship was able to create its own sort of black hole, which allowed for otherwise impossibly fast travel across unthinkably vast distances in space. Soon after the ship was built and first used seven years earlier, the ship and all its crew disappeared mysteriously.

It is finally seen again in Neptune’s orbit, but there is something (or perhaps someone) new within it.The main character Dr. William Weir is played by Sam Neill, while Captain Miller is played by Laurence Fishburne. Kathleen Quinlan and Joely Richardson also feature in this film, like Peters, the Med Tech and Lt. Starck respectively.

5. From Dusk to Dawn

From Dusk Till Dawn is an eerie movie on Netflix.

Initial Release: 1996
Director: Robert Rodriguez
IMDb: 7.3/10 | Rotten Tomatoes Score: 63%

One of scariest mid-90s B-movie, From Dusk to Dawn is a very strange mix of the crime drama and vampire movie genres. Two arguably crazy brothers, Seth Gecko (played by George Clooney) and Richie Gecko (played by Quentin Tarantino) frantically carry out numerous violent, murderous robberies and then try to make a run for Mexico, hoping to live in luxury and never get caught by the police. In their desperate quest to quickly cross the border, the brothers kidnap a preacher they come upon in a motel.

His name is Jacob Fuller (played by Harvey Keitel). He had a crisis of faith and left his job as a church pastor as a result of losing his wife in an automobile crash. The brothers also kidnap Harvey’s two kids, Scott Fuller (played by Ernest Liu) and Kate Fuller (played by Juliette Lewis). Is the brothers’ crazy plan likely to work, or has their recklessness finally caught up with them?

6. The Crow

The Crow is a frightening scary movie on Netflix.

Initial Release: 1994
Director: Alex Proyas
IMDb: 7.6/10 | Rotten Tomatoes Score: 82%

A dark, scary, viscerally moving production with a truly Gothic atmosphere, The Crow remains one of the most famous movies of the mid-1990s. The movie’s main character is Eric Draven (played by Brandon Lee), a rock musician. Eric and his fiancée were tragically and ruthlessly murdered by a group of criminals. A year after the murder, a crow visits Eric’s grave, causing him to come back from the dead and propelling him into a new journey.

The crow, which has mystical powers, guides him in finding and taking revenge on the men who killed him and his fiancée. The murderers’ names are Tin-Tin (played by Lawrence Mason), T-Bird (played by David Patrick Kelly), Skank (played by Angel David), and Funboy (played by Michael Massee). The leader of the gang, a powerful criminal named Top-Dollar (played by Michael Wincott), finds out about the mystical crow and the reason why Eric cannot be stopped.

7. Cujo

Cujo is the best scariest movie on Netflix.

Initial Release: 1983
Director: Lewis Teague
IMDb: 6/10 | Rotten Tomatoes Score: 59%

Based on the horrifying novel by Stephen King, Cujo is a movie that will terrify any dog lover. It’s probably one of the scariest movies featuring a dog. Cujo the dog was once a friendly, sweet St. Bernard, but he has contracted rabies, a disease that turns him into a monster. Cujo becomes an object of terror for the small town in which he lives.

Cujo’s master is Brett Camber (played by Billy Jayne), a lonely young boy. A woman named Donna Trenton (played by Dee Wallace) has problems with her car, and together with her very young son Tad (played by Danny Pintauro) visits an automobile repair shop that happens to be owned and operated by Brett Camber’s father. Will this put the Trentons face to face with a now monstrously vicious dog? The family’s car breaks down completely, potentially putting the safety and lives of Donna Trenton and her helpless son at the whim of a merciless beast.

8. The Exorcist

The Exorcist is a nerve-racking movie on Netflix.

Initial Release: 1973
Director: William Friedkin
IMDb: 8/10 | Rotten Tomatoes Score: 87%

An actress named Chris MacNeil (played by Ellen Burstyn) is in Washington, D.C., filming a movie. She has a 12-year-old daughter named Regan (played by Linda Blair). Chris is alarmed to see Regan experience terrifying, inexplicable behavioral and physical changes. She tries to get help for her daughter, but nothing doctors try cause any change. No one can explain Regan’s disturbing language and actions. The young girl is speaking and behaving in an unrecognizable, and many would say evil, way. She is sometimes speaking in tongues.

Father Karras (played by Jason Miller) is a young priest who is having a crisis of faith resulting from his beloved mother’s serious illness. It is this priest to whom Chris turns first, hoping for an exorcism. Father Karras is skeptical and slow to believe that an exorcism is needed.  Events force him to see the truth. Other, more experienced priests become involved, but the fate of Regan’s soul seems in no way certain.

9. Dead Silence

Dead Silence is the scariest movie on Netflix.

Initial Release: 2007
Director: James Wan
IMDb: 6.2/10 | Rotten Tomatoes Score: 21%

Jamie Ashen (played by Ryan Kwanten) is a young man who has lost his wife, Ella (played by Amber Valletta). He is determined to find out the truth about her gruesome murder, an event which turns out to have supernatural links. In the small town in which he grew up, Ravens Fair, the most famous ghost story is about a ventriloquist from the 1940s named Mary Shaw who went insane and subsequently kidnapped a young boy who had taunted her at one of her performances.

People from the town cut out her tongue and murdered her, and the unfortunate woman was mockingly buried with her beloved vaudeville dolls. The dolls have now come to life, and are on a determined, bloody quest to revenge their owner’s death. Ella’s death is certainly not the only murder committed in this horrifying mission.Without a doubt, Dead Silence is an invariably (and many would say classically) creepy horror movie that’s sure to scare the hell out of you.

10. The Devil’s Rejects

The Devil's Rejects is one of the best horror movie on Netflix.

Initial Release: 2005
Director: Rob Zombie
IMDb: 6.9/10 | Rotten Tomatoes Score: 53%

The Firefly family, a group of sadistic murderers, lives in the small, isolated town of Ruggsville, Texas. Sheriff John Quincy Wydell (played by William Forsythe) and the police force manage to arrest Mother Firefly (played by Leslie Easterbrook), but two family members in the home at the time of the siege escape (Baby Firefly and Otis B. Driftwood). Another member of the family, Tiny (played by Matthew McGrory), happens to be outside at the time, and so is not seen or arrested.

The Firefly family’s leader is called Captain Spaulding. Baby Firefly (played by Sheri Moon Zombie) and Otis B. Driftwood (played by Bill Moseley) arrange for a meeting with this man in a desert motel. In one of their many acts of senseless violence, Otis and Baby kidnap and horrifically harm two innocent families. Meanwhile, Sheriff Wydell resolutely continues in his quest for vengeance on the Firefly family, in retribution for the murder of his brother.

What is your favorite scariest movie on Netflix? Write us in the comments below!

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