Best Comedies on Netflix (Part 2)

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Best Comedies On Netflix

The Best Comedies on Netflix is a large list.  So to start the summer we broke it down for you.  It’s understandable that after a long day in the hot sun you don’t want to come home and watch something that requires much thought.  We have put together an enormous list of the best comedies on Netflix but we won’t bog you down with the entire list all at once.  This is part two of our list because we know you don’t want to be searching and wasting your evening.  You got it, quick and easy, Part 2 here you go!

    1. Superstar-  Molly Shannon and Will Ferrell star in this hilariously funny SNL skit turned movie.

    1. The Truman Show-  The Truman Show is a 24 hour a day TV show that broadcast every part of Truman Burbank’s  life,  with out his knowledge.  Jim Carrey plays Truman.


Sixteen Candles-   Makes viewers  think  back to what it was like to be sixteen and never been kissed.  With teen hi jinks this movie is now available on Netflix.




Beavis and Butthead Do America- With talks of a movie being made soon fans need to be reminded that this is available on Netflix.  Non sense buddy movie, but funny.

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