Season Five of House of Cards Now on Netflix!

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The tag team, the dream team, the ultimate team that plays the world when it comes to getting revenge for betrayal, to all the people that have wronged him, Frank and Claire Underwood take Washington by storm when they start eating their enemies for dinner as they climb the social and political ladder. Upon that list is the President of the United States and other affluent members of the political food chain. That was just the first season. We are now on season five of House of Cards! But first, let’s recap season four.

Where We Left Off

Season four left off with a stunning chain of events that constantly left us hanging. There were tons of questions, tons of jaw-dropping moments, and tons of moments that we just didn’t know what was going to happen.

Frank and Claire started the season with trouble in paradise. Claire tells him that she is leaving him. This leaves the door wide open for Frank to exact revenge on her for leaving him. Their relationship is filled with broken promises, like Frank backing another State of Union knowing that Claire wanted that seat and Claire leaking a photo that could sabotage his re-election of president.

To cover the fact that Claire is absent from most of the campaign, she uses her mothers’ illness, cancer, as an excuse as to why she isn’t there for most of the campaign.

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The campaign gets even hairier when Lucas Goodwin learns the truth of the murder of Zoe Barnes. He seeks revenge while Frank is out conversing with voters for his campaign by shooting him. Placing him in critical condition. The President is down, but that may have helped his campaign and his relationship. Frank saw was Claire could do while he was down for the count. This opens the opportunity to unite as a team once again.

Now that Frank and Claire have reconciled, Frank chose Claire as his running mate, his Vice President. Now that the dream team is united once again. The political world is their oyster, right? Until the revenge that Claire exacted earlier in the season returns to the surface. A picture of Frank’s father with the KKK has resurfaced and caused him to lose the south, a big portion of votes that may cause him the election.

What We Can Expect to See

There are tons of questions that I am sure that you want to have answered. You don’t have to wait any longer because season five is on Netflix, ready to answer all the juicy questions that you want to have answered.

The season five trailer does not give much away when it comes to showing what season five really has in store for us. Season four was jam packed full of tons of jaw-dropping moments, I’m sure season five will be nothing less than that. What are you most looking forward to in season five? Happy netflixing!

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