Is The Bachelor on Netflix?

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The Bachelor Rose Ceremony 

Is The Bachelor on Netflix?  Even though The Bachlorette season is still  in full swing with JoJo’s  one on ones, group dates and rose ceremonies there could be a lot of revisiting prior seasons for fans.  With 20 seasons of The Bachelor romance why couldn’t we be streaming those seasons?    Some might say, reality TV isn’t for viewing after the fact, while others might say it’s like visiting old friends.   So why isn’t The Bachelor on Netflix?


As with anything these days it comes down to money, money, money.   I’m sure that episodes of The Bachelor cost advertiser a huge chunk of change so why would ABC want to sell the broadcasting rights when the show is at the top of the TV viewing?  ABC should step it up and allow longtime Bachelor fans to relive some of the incredible moment of the show.

How many of these bachelors do you remember:  Here is the List of All 20 Bachelors and a recap of the proposal(or lack of)!

20.  Ben Higgins- The most recent bachelor. Yes there was a proposal.  The couple are planning a summer on air televised wedding in 2016.

19. Chris Soules-Yes there was a proposal.

18. Juan Pablo Galavis –  No proposal made.

17.  Sean Lowe-Yes there was a proposal. Married chosen Bachelorette and they are still together.

16. Ben Flajnik-Yes there was a proposal.

15.  Brad Womack-Yes there was a proposal.

14  Jake Pavelka-Yes there was a proposal.

13.  Jason Mesnick– The first single parent on The Bachelor.Yes there was a proposal. Didn’t marry chosen Bachlorette but did marry the runner up and they are still together.

12. Matt Grant-Yes there was a proposal.

11.  Stephen Bradley Womack–  First in the series to reject all the woman.  No proposal made.

10.  Andy Baldwin-Yes there was a proposal.

9.   Prince Lorenzo Borghese-No proposal made.

8.  Travis Lane Stork-No proposal made.

7.   Charlie O’Connell-No proposal made.

6.  Brian Velvick-Yes there was a proposal.

5.  Jesse Palmer-No proposal made.

4.  Bob Guiney-No proposal made.

3.  Andrew Firestone-Yes there was a proposal.

2.  Aaron Buerge– Yes there was a proposal.

1.  Alex Michel- No proposal made.

The track record for marriages that last from this reality show don’t look so good.  The chances of us seeing it on Netflix doesn’t seem to look so good either.  We will keep you posted if that changes.



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