Hindi Movies: Top List Of Incredible Movies To Watch

If you’ve always been interested in watching movies from other countries of the world, but you haven’t been sure of where to begin, this guide will give you all the motivation you need to enter the vibrant, cheery world of Hindi movies. Bollywood, as the industry is known, is one of the most entertaining movie […]

Crime Movies: Top 8 Amazing Movies That You Should Watch

FINISHED TRUE CRIMES? CHECK OUT THESE 8 CRIME MOVIES ON NETFLIX If you’re anything like us, you absolutely loved 2016’s True Crimes (also known as Dark Crimes). Jim Carrey absolutely nailed the role of Polish detective Tadek. We were very impressed. But finishing a particularly good movie can leave you with somewhat of a void. The […]

Foreign Films: Top Movies To Watch On Netflix

Netflix is one of the best entertainment packages on the market today. For under $10 per month, you gain access to such a wide array of television and movies that you’ll never be without something to watch. You can watch the most popular movies in the world only months after they leave theaters, full seasons of […]

Netflix New Releases – 10 Lifetime Movies And TV Shows Coming Out This Year

When you sign up for Netflix, you open yourself up to a whole new world of entertainment. For the modest sum of under $9 a month, lifetime movies and television are at your fingertips. You’ll find classic movies, modern blockbusters, nostalgic television favorites, and bold, original content. Television networks also offer their formerly exclusive specials […]

Get An Inside Look At Next Years Netflix Original Series Releases

Netflix original series are on the cutting edge of entertainment for a variety of reasons. Netflix has more than proven its strength and staying power and has recently become one of the heaviest hitters in entertainment due to their media deals with Shonda Rhimes, the Obamas, and Martin Scorsese. They operate under the theory that […]

Netflix And Chill With The 10 Best Love Movies On Netflix

The best date nights are Netflix and chill date nights. When you’re snuggling on the couch next to that special someone, nothing sets the mood better than something romantic. What’s better to watch than a love movie? Nothing. You can have your action and your horror, but those aren’t going to give you the successful […]

10 Game Changing Netflix Hack: Best Streaming Experience

Netflix is the streaming giant that many of us turn to when there’s nothing good on TV; it’s got all of our favorite shows and top hits at the click of a button. Netflix also offers a wide selection of original content, movies, and documentaries. But with thousands of titles and shows, this website can […]

10 Best Comedy Movies To Watch On Netflix: Light-Hearted Films

Is there anything better than kicking back and enjoying a Netflix marathon? After a long week, a good comedy movie can be the perfect remedy. Netflix has a large array of comedy movies to choose from, but we have compiled the top 10 best comedy movies on Netflix to help narrow the search. Grab your […]

Love The Walking Dead? Check Out The 10 Best Zombie Movies On Netflix

Zombies have taken over cinema by the horde. With the popularity of movies like Zombieland and TV shows like The Walking Dead, the demand for zombie movies is at an all-time high. With Halloween right around the corner, people are firing up their search engines in search of the best zombie movies out there. Well, […]

Netflix Signs ‘Glee’ Creator Ryan Murphy for New Series, ‘The Politician’

Fans of ‘Glee’ and ‘Scream Queens’ brace yourselves for ‘The Politician,’ starring Ben Platt, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Barbra Streisand.