The 15 Most Awesome Netflix Teen and YA Shows: Not Your Grandma’s TV

While the youth of America come of age and prepare to take over the world, Netflix teen and young adult shows give them an arsenal of entertainment.

Netflix’s Queer Eye Is So Good The Internet is Already in Withdrawal

YAASSS Queen!!! Netflix’s Queer Eye Reboot is so pure, so wonderful, and so good people are already dying for the second season. Have you seen it yet?

Huge News For Fans of ‘The Witcher’ About the Netflix Pilot (Videos)

The Witcher was already announced by Netflix but big news has dropped today, including hints as to when we’ll finally see it. The director’s tweet showing how her big week was going gave us just enough to get the fandom trailers rolling in.

How Will ‘Net Neutrality’ Affect My Netflix Streaming and What Can I Do About It?

If you are a Netflix binge-watcher, you may be curious as to how net neutrality will change your Netflix. Here is what you really need to know. Net neutrality, in a nutshell, is the principle of a free and open internet. What that means is that an internet service provider (ISP) cannot block, slow down, […]

Narcos Season 4 Teaser Trailer Hits and Fans Are Thirsty for More

Fans of Netflix’s Narcos pining for Season 4 clues instead got a teaser with nothing but a Mariachi band with cocaine wafting everywhere. Not that it doesn’t represent the series well, but with the developments at the end of Season 3, we were all thirsty for a little more. And this gave us very little […]

The Top 10 Most Binge-Watched Shows on Netflix in 2017

What are the 10 most binge-watched shows on Netflix? You’d be surprised. Netflix is notoriously guarded when it comes to viewer statistics, just not all of them. Like, they hit the news for a hilarious shout out on twitter to the 58 people who have watched “A Christmas Prince” every day for the last 18 […]

10 Shows You Have To Watch On Netflix this Weekend

We’re coming into the dog days of summer, and you know what that means: sun, surf, and Netflix binging. The truth is, since Netflix is updating on a regular basis and there are so many to choose from, it’s hard to tell if you’re going to pick a dud or the best thing ever. You […]

The ‘One Day at a Time’ Season 2 Trailer Is Deliciously Campy

The camp in Netflix’s One Day at a Time Season 2 trailer reaches Hipster level. Yet, the 70’s series reboot is fresh, funny, and relatable. Fans are thrilled to hear the show’s getting another season, and Netflix has announced the release date. Celebrating the inspiration forĀ this perfectly-tuned reimagining of their 1970s classic namesake, they’ve taken […]

Bill Nye Is Back to Save the World, Again for Season 2! (Sorry, Haters)

Netflix finally announced the release date for Bill Nye Saves the World, Season 2. Here’s the trailer … With him buying marijuana “for science.” Who doesn’t want to see our favorite “science guy” buying himself some weed? The much anticipated Season 2 was announced earlier this year. You see, Nye’s show frankly addressed a lot […]