Atypical Season 2 Confirmed–Here is What You Can Expect!

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Premiering on Netflix on August 11, Atypical took viewers by surprise. The show premiered with 8 episodes in season one. We were introduced to Sam, an 18 year old boy that was on the spectrum with an overly protective mother; I mean, who isn’t protective over their kids?

High school is hard enough but when you’ve got Aspergers Syndrome, it makes it even trickier. A form of autism, Aspergers is classified as a developmental disorder. While those diagnosed with Aspergers are said to be highly functional, it doesn’t mean that they won’t have hardships when it comes to socialization and communication.

The show is a comedy, drama that airs on reality. Not only does the show follow Sam, it also follows Sam’s mom, Elsa, as she makes gratifying changes in her life. She figures it’s time to move on since her son needs to learn a little bit of independence to learn and grow on his own.

For Sam, the high school experience isn’t the same. He goes through trials and tribulations, just like any normal teenager. He has to learn how to live as a normal teen and thrive in society without his mom’s help. That is what made viewers fall in love with the show. The real, relatable qualities that the show housed.

The show received an 8.4 out of 10 on, but parent’s and viewers were worried about the misrepresentation of autistic children. While not every child is classified the same, neither are the characteristics of autism.

The show shows that life is not always perfect. Not everyone lives the high school dream. That is the great thing about the show– It’s real and it’s raw. A true comedy-drama that depicts life perfectly. While we don’t have an official release date, we are hoping to see the second season on Netflix around the same time next year.

So hopefully we will see Atypical season 2 in August of 2018. While we have to wait for season two, we can rest easy knowing that there are ten episodes in the second season. Are you a fan of Atypical? Why? What did you like most about the show? What are you looking forward to most in season 2?

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