Announced: Fuller House Season 3 Release Date!

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We all remember the from the late 80’s and early 90’s that captured out hearts. The show of three lovable men and three little girls going through life and and learning to live through life’s tough journey. We all remember the theme song, Everywhere You Lookand more than likely you sang along every time Full House came on. Now you’ve got a second chance to sing along with Fuller House.

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Where We Left Off

In season 2 we left off with DJ waiting for the return of the love of her life, Matt as he returned from India. The only bummer? He is returning over the New Year when DJ planned for a special even that turned into a party. Every one was there except for the one person that DJ wanted there.

To top it all off, DJ ended up having to propose for Steve for to his girlfriend, CJ, since he got too nervous to actually fulfill his duty of proposing. In the midst of DJ “proposing” to CJ, Matt walk in and is über surprised at the change of heart that DJ has had until he sees Steve and CJ embrace.

Season 3

Season 2 may have ended on a high note, but what does DJ’s face mean when she stares longingly at the loving couple? Is there more there than what we see? What about Kimmy and Fernando? Jesse and Becky have talked and they have agreed on another baby, making Joey the Godfather, it’s a win/win situation but how will life be with a new baby. What about the kids get along, will Ramona and Popko “kiss and make up” so to speak and will Jackson and Lola be a thing? What about Max and Rosie? Will they last? Let’s not forget about baby Tommy!

So will these questions be answered? Season three will surely be a blast and take you to a whole new lesson of fun, laughter, and maybe some tears.

September 2017

When can we expect to see season 3 on Netflix? The producers of fuller house really went for the heartstrings here as the show will premiere on the 30th anniversary memorial of Full house. September 22, 1987, the first season of Full House premiered and fans quickly fell in love. When a return of the show was was announced, fans became ecstatic. So now, thirty years later, season three will debut on Netflix on September 22, 2017.

Season three will answer a lot of questions but there may be some more questions to arise and there maybe be new problems to look at. Are you excited to see all the unanswered questions that were left open ended in season 2? I know that I sure am. Season three can’t come soon enough and more than likely, season 3 will be binge-watched just like season one and two were. Tell us what you’re most excited for, for season 3 of Fuller House! We’d love to hear from you.


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