Stream Netflix….More Than Half of Americans Do It!

Netflix to come to Asia

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Do You Stream Netflix?

Congratulations!  You are among over half of Americans that do

Netflix has grown itself so large in the United States in recent years and a new survey has found that over half of Americans stream Netflix.

Silicon Alley Insider reports that only 37% of Americans have never heard of or never use Netlix.  That leaves 63% that stream Netflix on TV’s and PC’s.


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A recent survey performed by RBC Capital Markets found that the movie streaming service Netflix is used by 51% of Americans to watch movies and television shows. It’s more than the alternatives to stream videos like Amazon, Hulu, HBO Go and Youtube.

Netflix is one of the main rivals of YouTube despite the two services being completely different. Netflix produces movies, television shows and original contents while YouTube is an open platform where people can podcast themselves.

“Netflix Originals” is one of the main reasons the service is widely popular in other countries like France and Germany, About 52% of people in France and 64% in Germany who responded to a survey said that they’ve watched House of Cards already. However, Netflix comedy series is only doing well in the United States.

Netflix is reported to have over 43 million US subscribers, while it has another 26 million people out of United States.

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