American Horror Story Season 5 is on Netflix!

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American Horror Story



American Horror Story is an unusual type of horror series.  Each season is written separate from any others.  This means fans can pick any season and start watching without seeing any prior seasons.  Every season of American Horror Story is a stand alone season with all the frights of any Halloween movie out there. Choose one or all AHS will not disappoint!   Here is the run down for each season that is available on Netflix.  Season 5 just became available in October!

Seasons 1-5

 Murder House 

Murder House tells a story about a family that has moved into a famous murder house and the strange guest that show up.  As the family begins to piece the puzzle together of all the strange visitors they discover that they all have history with the house. One member of the family joins these strangers and sends the family into a tailspin.  This is not your typical haunted house tale.

The Asylum 

The Asylum is the second season that is just as scary as the first.  This Asylum is unlike any you have seen in any other horror  movie.  As a reporter goes undercover to investigate the asylum things take a turn for the worst.


Coven follows descendants of witches that survived the Salem Witch Trials who are about to become extinct.  As the story goes the witches and the voodoo doctors in New Orleans have a long standing rivalry that comes to light.

Freak Show

Freak Show follows a group of “freak show carnies” and the story just gets weirder.  As events unfold it is revealed that some true crazies have moved into the neighborhood and the “freaks” are being blamed just because of the way they look.

*NEW* The Hotel

 (AVAILABLE NOW ON NETFLIX) The story takes place in a haunted Hotel Cortez which was built to become a torture chamber for the customers.   The wardens of the hotel includes the 111 year old vampire (Lady Gaga), and the front desk clerk.  Guest of the hotel include prostitutes, drug addicts, transgenders and murderers.  




Halloween is right around the corner subscribers are searching for horror movies.   American Horror Story could be an alternative to the traditional horror movie.  Definitely full of scares, gore and suspense enough to continue on past Halloween.



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