Is American Horror Story Cult on Netflix?

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American Horror Story premiered on FX back in 2011. The hit sensation took off in 2011 with the first season of Murder House. Murder House was arguably the best season, capturing the minds of those that watched.

Murder House was the embodiment of the show. The souls that we saw in the house were souls that were stuck there. The reason that they were stuck there? They had died there, their souls were trapped in the house. You could say that that was the horror of Murder House.

After season one of American Horror Story the series has been followed by six more seasons. The seasons, are all different storylines but manage to intertwine with little details here and there.

The details that come about making the series fall into place keep you and your mind involved in the storyline . The series does not disappoint when it comes to story and action.

There are moments where you are curling into yourself, sitting on the edge of your seat, concerned and worried. This show runs down every emotion and feeling when it comes to the storyline in each season.

The latest season though? Season 7, Cult. American Horror Story Cult does not have any supernatural tendencies or qualities about it. It simply plays on the subcortex of your brain, it leads your subconscious into a frenzy.

Creating a nervous or anxious feeling when it comes to watching the supernatural-less, the show plays on your emotions and fears. This season is not about the magical beings or the afterlife, but the show is about clowns.

While you may remember in season four when Twisty the Clown was one of the main focuses, you will see him make a reappearance again when it comes to coulrophobia– the fear of clowns.

But clowns– Well, carnival clowns aren’t the only one in the show. The topic of clowns comes about during the election of 2016– The election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

While this was reality, this was also a nightmare for some. Some were terrified by Hillary getting in office and some were terrified by Trump getting in office. No matter how you look at it, there was one side of the party that was going to lose.

The creators of the show, Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy, reassure everyone that the series is not about politics, this season just stems from the election, utilizing it as a building block. 

Speaking of building blocks… Season 1-6 is on Netflix right at this moment, that includes Murder House, Asylum, Coven, Freak Show, Hotel, and Roanoke. Season 7 is not currently on Netflix, but it airing on FX as we speak.

The prediction for when season 7 will come to Netflix? October 2018. That seems so far away and really… It is. It is just under a year away. Will you watch season 7 on Netflix, waiting out the year, or will you watch it on FX as it airs on TV? Let us know what you think about the topic.

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