Amazing on the Inside: Netflix Home Makeover Reality Show is Our Dream Come True

Netflix orders home makeover show Amazing on the Inside

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Can frumpy on the outside, fab on the inside win us over? Watch out, HGTV… Netflix is muscling in on the home decor market with, “Amazing on the Inside.”

HGTV is going to have to step up. Despite the cute twins or the devoted couples making magic out of average, everyday houses, Netflix has entered the property-based entertainment market. Netflix just ordered the new show, with the working title dubbed Amazing On The Inside.

According to Deadline Hollywood, Netflix has ordered twelve 30-minute episodes. The show will feature homes that look pretty ordinary on the outside, but have a secret. They feature an amazing interior. These interiors reflect the owners’ passion projects, dreams, and their identities.

Netflix vs. HGTV

Revenge is sweet. Scripps Network Interactive, the parent company for HGTV, DIY Network, Food Network, the Cooking Channel decided not to renew their contract with Netflix back in late 2016 after hosting some of their most loved TV shows. Scripps found the partnership too limiting and decided they didn’t need Netflix anymore.

Netflix is already hosting some property shows, like Grand Designs, Reno My Reno, Brojects, and Escape to the Country. However, this will be the first “Netflix Original Series” venture into the reality home makeover market.

The streaming entertainment company has contracted with British company, Barcroft Productions for this Netflix home makeover show. The company, headed by Sam Barcroft, has an interesting resume. They produced the documentaries Inside the Ku Klux Klan and The Girl with Eight Limbs. for Channel 4, Forged in Britain for the History Channel, and Secrets of the Dinosaur Crater for the BBC. The company also produced Discovery’s Bear Grylls: Man vs. Everest. So, they have plenty of experience in non-scripted TV production. They’ve also produced some digital and short content. Channel 4 has a minor stake in Barcroft Productions via its Indie Growth Fund.

Amazing on the Inside will be the first Netflix commission for Barcroft. Along with Barcroft will be will produce Amazing on the Inside, with Peter Wyles and Jude Parker as executive producers.

Netflix is Taking On New Genres

Along with hijacking the old-school network drama market, Netflix has been working its way into stand-up comedy and talk shows. They’ve gotten headliners like Jerry Seinfeld and Dave Chappelle back on the little screen. They’ve got David Letterman back on the talk TV, with My Next Guest Needs No Introduction. What could possibly be next? Netflix reality shows!

With a $6 billion budget for new content, Netflix isn’t fooling around. According to production insiders, Netflix focuses on straight-to-series orders, bypassing the usual nine-month gestation period for a simply series pilot. Netflix knows what it wants, and it take risks.

ITV America CEO Brent Montgomery, who sold the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy reboot to Netflix, told Hollywood Reporter about the arduous process of working with other networks: “What too often happens at the cable networks is you get a first development step that might lead to a second development step, which might lead to a pilot, and then, guess what? In that six- to nine-month period, the mandate and the exec team have changed.”

According to reality TV veteran David Lyle, president of production company group PactUS, as far as Netflix is concerned:

“The competition should be scared out of their minds. These guys are monsters — they’re coming in to play and play hard.”

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