You won’t believe where Netflix users are binge-watching their favorite movies and shows these days.

People are strange and their habits may be even stranger when it comes to their ways. Recently in a study done by SurveyMonkey, it was shown that Netflix is viewed at work– By 37% of Netflix users.

Thanks to Business Insider for providing us with the stats so that we can see what’s what with the survey. Now me, personally? I watch Netflix at work. But in the background of my other tasks.

While I am not Netflix and chilling at work, I am Netflix and working– Quite a concept, eh? I am definitely part of that 37% of Netflix users that that binge watches shows on Netflix while at work. How do you think I watched Dexter? It is where I started Mind Hunter and Alias Grace.

There is nothing wrong with binge-watching while at work so long as the work is getting done, right?


Where else are Netflix users doing their binge-watching?

The other part of the survey surveyed to see who watched Netflix outside of their homes and it came back that a whopping 67% of viewers enjoyed Netflix outside of their homes. This means they binge while on their way to work, at restaurants… Anywhere, really. Some even confessed to binging in public restrooms.

Oh the things that people will do to watch their show when in where they want to watch. The even better thing about streaming anywhere? We have the technology to do so. We are able to watch anywhere that we please due to the fact that the technology has advanced so much in the recent years.

The fact that we are able to watch anywhere and anytime is a given sign that binging at work and binging outside of the house should not be frowned upon, right? Of the 67% of viewers that binge outside of work, 60% said that they were new to binging outside of their home.

What do you think of the statistics when it comes to binge-watching at work? Do you binge watch and work? Binge watch and not work? Do you binge watch on the go? Or are you more of a traditional Netflix binger?

Featured image: CC 0 Public Domain Karen Arnold via Public Domain Pictures¬†(with background and PR photo from Netflix’s Marvel Jessica Jones added).