Hannah Baker’s Tapes May Be Done, But Her Story Isn’t: Season 2 Synopsis

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After a big storm there must be some healing, right? Season one of 13 Reason’s Why was a bit of a take over, so to speak. Some of us may not have seen the darkness that was about to consume us when we started the series. This Netflix Original hit was unexpectedly a huge hit to viewers and fans have been dying to know what they can expect in season two.

 What’s It Going to Be About?

Some have been curious what the show will be about when it comes to season two. There are tons of questions as to where the show is going to go, what’s going to go on. Those are great questions, but Tom McCarthy, the executive producer along with the cast have let a few clues slip.

Tom McCarthy said, “it was also important to listen to all sides of the argument that the show could do a better job addressing suicide.”

All sides of the argument, huh? Does that mean that we are going to hear more or different sides of the story? The first season was about Hannah Baker and her story. A way of reclaiming her voice after she is gone– I mean what shows an impact more than being gone and leaving behind tapes for everyone that caused your pain to listen to? It’s heart wrenching to know that she didn’t have a voice before she died, but now she most certainly has one.

The Nitty Gritty

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Hannah Baker got a chance to tell the 13 Reason’s Why she did what she did, but what about the other people, the reason’s why? They’ve got a story to tell too. Many question what their story is to tell, I am sure they’ve got some things to say about Hannah. But just because the tapes are finished, that doesn’t mean that Hannah is done with her story. Even if it isn’t her words, her voice, it’s still part of her story. She ended up where she is now, somehow, right? Let’s hear the other parts of the story.

Executive producer, Brian Yorkey said, “I think season two will give us a look at a lot of things—a lot of the events that we think we know, we may learn are more complicated than we thought, and Hannah is even more complicated than we saw season one.”

The Healing Process

Those affected by suicide are those that are left behind. It really is a selfish act if you think about it. The people that are left behind are the ones to clean up the messes left behind and have to deal with the emotion and sadness of the healing process. Suicide affect everyone around you, not just you.

That’s why the second season is thought to be the start of the healing process when it comes to Hannah Bakers’ story. Her story may be done, a completed tale of her side, but there are others that have a story to tell.

Will all those left behind, those affected by Hannah Baker take the stand and share their voice? Will they share their side of the story? What do you think will happen in the second season? Tell us what you loved most about season one and what you’re looking forward to for season two! There hasn’t been a release date of when the second season will be on Netflix, but keep checking back for tons of updates! Happy Netflixing!

NOTE: If you or someone you know has had thoughts of suicide or harming yourself, please check out SAVE to find help or seek guidance; There are even peer support groups to connect with. Suicide is serious and does need serious consideration. Don’t be afraid to reach out and if you know someone is suffering, don’t be afraid to help, SAVE also has some great resources on how to do just that.

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