13 Reasons Why… In It For Season Two!

13 reasons why season 2

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17 year old Hannah Baker was thorough and thought out when it came to her suicide. She planned it out so that everyone felt what she felt before she took matter into her own hands. This leaves for a very interesting story to tell.

This is why 13 Reasons Why has been a big hit on Netflix. It’s been the talk of the the town. All too often we’re excited for shows like Orange Is The New Black or Fuller House. They’re great, but what about shows like 13 Reasons Why? What set this show apart from the rest?

Thought Provoking

13 reasons why

13 Reasons Why leaves you thinking, feeling, a sense of raw emotion. You’ll never shake the feeling of knowing that, that person was there one day and gone the next. All too often we see things in this world that are fake, news that is boisterous with counterfeit information. This show gives you all that you need to realize that not only do your actions hurt, but so do your words.


Suicide is an ugly subject. But as I said before, shows like OITNB and Fuller House fast tracked on Netflix because they are comical. Comedy is a great, but reality is more consuming. The reason for Hannah Bakers’ moves? She wanted to finally be heard. Isn’t that all we ever want?


13 reasons why

You know the saying, “The good, the bad, and the ugly”? This show has it all. You’ll see the good in the fact that people are actually realizing their mistake, the bad in realizing they made an unthinkable mistake, and the ugly knowing that maybe one word or action could have changed the whole situation.


Not only has the show been confirmed for season two, but Selena Gomez has also been confirmed for season two. This show was fast tracked itself to our hearts. It originally came out on March 31, 2017 and it’s already signed up for season two. Season two will premier sometime next year. Make sure you stay tuned for more updates on the rest of Hannah Bakers’ story and when exactly you can expect to see this Netflix Original back on Netflix.

What are you most looking forward to with season two?

Please note that suicide and thoughts of suicide are serious. If you ever have thoughts or feeling such as suicide or thoughts related to suicide, please call or text the suicide hotline. You’re never alone even if you feel that you are.

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